Call of Duty League; Post Season Online Format

 Call of Duty League; Post Season Online Format

Since the continuation of the Call of Duty League once again in the pandemic with the Home Series, there comes an update from the Call of Duty League team sharing what’s in stored for those that are participating at the Playoffs and the Championship Weekend. The update comes on their official Twitter account explaining why they’ve selected the online format with all integrity enhancements coming alongside that to assure fair and smooth competition for those that participate and for those that will be spectating.

“The Call of Duty League has been working in close collaboration with teams and players over the last several months regarding the 2020 Season Playoffs and Championship Weekend. Due to continuing health risks associated with COVID-19 and our collective priority focus on protecting the safety of our teams, players, league staff, and partner personnel, the remainder of the season will be held online. This decision was made with great care, communication, and consideration over the course of many discussions.”

The pandemic still affects live competitive scenarios and online-format systems have been successful for many esports competitions. For better enumeration of what steps the Call of Duty League will be taking for this, they’ve shared three things with us.

“In light of this shift, and with the 2020 Season Playoffs and Championship Weekend on the horizon, we’re revealing some of the new technology improvements and measures we will be taking to further monitor for competitive integrity:

Smile, You’re on Camera:

“The League is providing all competitors with a universal camera setup that will be active throughout all matches. The cameras will provide visibility for league officials to view and check each competitor’s console, controller, and monitor as needed. Once a match reaches an official ready check status, players will need to be seated and on camera. The cameras will be in place prior to the start of the New York Subliners Home Series on July 10.”

As stated, all participants shall thus be fully monitored including the hardware they shall use. It comes as a mandatory need that already comes as a necessity for online formats.

Veto Power:

“Currently, for each CDL Home Series, teams are provided a list of three servers (from a pool of nine) to test and determine which servers they prefer to veto. During the Playoffs and Championship Weekend, we will increase the veto server options to five for each match. By adding more options, we have increased the probability of getting the best possible server for both teams. Additionally, with more servers in play for each match, there will also be more fallback options if there’s an unexpected issue.”

This change foresees any disgruntling scenario of disconnection issues or lag faced by any participants. All servers will be tested beforehand and will ensure the competition live-steams will hold to professional performance and quality. All steps such as these will make the online-format better suited for Call of Duty League’s high competitive tier as a growing esports title.

Calling in the Reinforcements:

“Lastly, we’re going to bulk up our production, technical, and officiating staffing teams. We want to be ready to handle any and all issues that might crop up in an online competition environment.”

This means there will be more hands working for the smooth sailing ahead for Call of Duty League. In this manner, the integrity will be met so both participants will be happy knowing they shall have the best digital stage to go head to head to crown our winner. The League has also shared information that more news regarding the online format will be released soon in the coming weeks. From their side, they share their heartfelt appreciation for all the players, the teams and the community who are looking forward to the best experience of the Postseason coming ahead.

Looking ahead, the incoming competitive scene starts with the New York Home Series coming to you on July 10th. It shall be followed by London and Toronto.

Current standings are the following, with Atlanta Faze showing dominating performances to land at first place. Florida Mutineers come in second with almost the same stats as third place Chicago Huntsmen. The CDL Points Standings will suffice further benefits for teams after the commencement of the next season, and first-place will be looking to continue their great performance afterward.

For more on Call of Duty League, visit their official site.