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Apex Legends – Tips For Playing With Bangalore

Apex Legends is the only battle royale game out there that features the concept of Legends. These are the in-game characters that players can use and customize. The thing which I personally love about these Legends is that all of them have a unique backstory. This is something that helps players establish a connection with them and feel like they’re a part of the game.

Every Legend has his/her own set of unique abilities. We have the Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate ability. These abilities can be either used to take down opponents, escape critical situations, reach the top of a building quickly, and much more. Today, we will be talking about Bangalore and how you can play better with her.

Apex Legends

For those who don’t know, Bangalore is one of those Legends who have been in the game since its release. She has been a popular pick in many seasons, and players absolutely love everything about her. She is a professional soldier who tends to focus more on the aggressive play. However, despite her being one of the most popular picks in the game, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t given her major buffs. Unlike Lifeline, Mirage, and Octane who had a rework in the previous few updates, Bangalore is yet to get her fair share of changes.

Apex Legends Bangalore Guide

Despite all that, she is still a Legend you shouldn’t mess with. Bangalore is the only one who can create a smoke cloud, and this is a really useful thing in the world of Apex. So without any further due, let’s talk about some tips for playing with Bangalore.

How to Properly Use Her Smoke

Bangalore’s smoke is the main reason why most players use her in combat. She can instantly create a smoke cloud on the battlefield by using her tactical ability. The best part is that you can fire two smoke grenades with every charge, something that is a big plus point. However, a mistake new players make is that they think the smoke cloud can only be used to hide from opponents. While this is right to some extent, there are many more uses of it.

Apex Legends

If one of your teammates gets knocked down, then you can create a smoke cloud at his location so that your enemies can’t see where the revive is taking place. Furthermore, you can use this ability to highlight traps, protect a doorway, and much more. Another interesting thing you can do is fire a cloud of smoke in one direction and run the other way. This will leave your opponents confused and they will fail to chase you down. You can even shoot the team directly with a smoke grenade and leave them blind. This will allow you to either escape or launch a counter-attack while they can’t see anything.

Become A Nightmare

Bangalore’s Ultimate ability is called the Rolling Thunder, and it can give your opponents a really difficult time. However, the thing about this ability is that you and your teammates can also get caught in the trap. This ability basically lets her call down a number of explosives from the sky which detonate after a few seconds. Anyone caught inside the radius is left with very low health. However, what some players don’t know is that there is a pattern of how these explosives land. Therefore, you should try out this ability a few times in the Firing Range to see how they drop from the left side to the right. Once you master this ability, there is nothing that can stop you from becoming a nightmare for other teams.

Bangalore can handle things on her self, but there are times when she needs strong teammates by her side. One thing you should keep in mind here is that not every Legend is going to work perfectly with the other one. As for Bangalore, she works the best with Bloodhound and Caustic. Bloodhound can basically use his Tactical ability to let his teammates see enemies inside the smoke. Or he can even use his Ultimate to see them for himself if he’s trying to handle things on his own. As for Caustic, his Nox can prove to be a really deadly trap when combined with Bangalore’s smoke.

These were some tips that can help you master Bangalore quickly. We hope that this post will help you out.

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