Apex Legends Season 6 Expected Release Date And Content

 Apex Legends Season 6 Expected Release Date And Content

Apex Legends players are always hungry for new content. Respawn Entertainment has done a remarkable job by introducing a plethora of content to its battle royale game since its release. However, no matter how much content is added, it just isn’t enough for players.

The developers add new content to the game through different updates. However, most of this content arrives at the start of a new season. So far, a total of five seasons have been released. Each season has brought content such as new cosmetic items, challenges, and a new Legend. In addition to this, while other seasons have featured map changes, the second season brought a whole new map to the game.

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Apex Legends is currently in its fifth season, which went live a few weeks back. However, even though there is more than a month left before it goes away, players are still wondering what he next one is going to feature. Today, we will be talking about the expected release date of Apex Legends season 6 along with the content it might feature.

Apex Legends Season 6 Expected Character

To begin with, every new season brings a new Legend on board. The thing which annoys almost every player is the fact that Respawn only adds one new Legend with every season. Even though the community has asked the devs to add more than one Legend, they just aren’t listening to them. Since the game’s release, we have seen a total of five new legends, Octane, Wattson, Crypto, Revenant, and Loba. Now that we’re approaching season 6, everyone is wondering who the next one will be.

Our first guess is Rampart. For those who don’t know, Rampart is one of those Legends who were leaked by data miners a year ago. However, almost every other Legend who was leaked alongside him has already made its way to the game, meaning that the path is now clear for him. The thing which further hints at this is that we got to see an auto-fire turret in season 5’s trailer, and as per a popular data miner, this turret belongs to Rampart. There were some other leaks which talked about a Legend who has the ability to “place a mounted machine gun” that can be used by him and his teammates.


Our second guess is Ash, a Legend who was leaked back on March 26. A data miner basically leaked some pictures of upcoming bobblehead charms, and one of them belonged to Ash. For those wondering, this character is from the Titanfall universe and he worked closely with Kuben Blisk. Considering Apex’s foundation is based on Titanfall, it won’t be a surprise if a character from the series appears in the battle royale. However, we are yet to find out the kind of abilities this Legend will offer.

New Weapon

Apex Legends players have always enjoyed a brand-new weapon with every season. However, season 5 left everyone disappointed as it failed to bring a new weapon to the game. This was the first time no new weapon was added to the battle royale. We would say that the next season will feature a new weapon, but anything can happen considering Respawn always leaves us speechless.

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If season 6 does end up featuring a new weapon, then it will most likely be one of the two weapons that were previously leaked. At the moment, the ones in the front line are the Volt SMG and the CAR SMG. For those who don’t know, both weapons are from Titanfall 2 and were expected to arrive in Apex Legends through season 5. However, that didn’t happen and it left everyone wondering when they’ll get to see them. Considering no other weapons have been leaked after them, it is safe to say that they’ll arrive in season 6.

Apex Legends Season 6 Release Date

At the moment, Respawn is yet to officially confirm the release date of Apex Legends season 6. However, there is something that can give us a hint at its release. The current season’s battle pass is scheduled to conclude on Monday, August 17. And since Respawn has a habit of releasing major updates and seasons for Apex on Tuesdays, we’ll most likely see season 6 on August 18. One thing to keep in mind here is that a delay can take place considering Respawn previously delayed season 5 to give players another week to complete their season 4 battle pass.

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