Apex Legends Season 6 Could Feature Olympus As New Map

 Apex Legends Season 6 Could Feature Olympus As New Map

Apex Legends players have enjoyed two maps since the game’s release. The first one is Kings Canyon, which was the original launch map. The second one is World’s Edge, the very map which replaced Kings Canyon in season 2. This, however, was later changed to both maps being available. And now, it seems like players might get to see a new map in the next season.

Apex Legends is currently in the fifth season, which introduced a plethora of new content to the game. This included new cosmetic items, a new Legend, and much more. However, it still left some players disappointed as they were hoping to see a new map in it, but all it did was introduce different map changes to Kings Canyon. While the changes ended up giving Kings Canyon a whole new look, it still wasn’t enough for some players.

Recently, the storyline of the current season, The Broken Quest came to an end and left everyone excited for new things. For those who don’t know, this was the first time Respawn introduced something through which players were able to get an experience of campaign like missions. Their main goal was to build an artifact, which turned out to be Ash at the end. For those who don’t know, Ash is a villain from Titanfall 2’s who was once discovered in the game’s files. But this isn’t the only thing which was revealed.

Apex Legends Possible New Map

Along with surprising fans with a character from Titanfall 2, the developers also teased the possibility of a new map arriving soon. During the final quest, Lifeline mentioned a planet called Psamathe, and she then suggested that the team should go to “Olympus”. For those who don’t know, Olympus is a city on Psamathe which we have already seen before. It is the home planet of Lifeline and Octane. In addition to this, when Loba tried to destroy Revenant in Season 5’s trailer, his soul also went to the same planet.

We got a closer look at Olympus in Revenant’s reveal trailer. It is the very city in which the deadly robot killed Loba’s parents. In the trailer, we could see that the city has a futuristic look to it, with layers of fog covering the sky. In addition to this, we also saw that the city is full of skyscrapers. The city doesn’t seem to be that dangerous too, considering Loba was casually wandering around in the streets. However, a threat in the form of the “Syndicate” group still lures there.

Some time ago, a data miner decided to go through the game’s files and discovered a structure similar to a UFO. What some people don’t know is that this structure had code strings called “Olympus” attached to it. This further confirms that Respawn is indeed working on this new map and are most likely planning to release it soon.

Only For Single Player Missions?

Some think that Respawn might use Olympus for story-telling purposes. In other words, this new map could be only for single-player missions. The developers have already done this in Titanfall 2, and the same can also happen with Apex. In addition to this, we have already seen how The Broken Quest was well received by players, and they want more of it. Since the game’s release, Respawn has slowly let players know more about Legends and their backstories. However, this was the first time we got to dive into something like this. Therefore, Respawn introducing a new map for storytelling purposes is a big possibility.

At the moment, Respawn Entertainment is yet to confirm whether we’ll get to see a new map or not. But we do know that they are working on one considering they posted a job listing for an “experienced level designer” who can help them “create and own large scale multiplayer maps.” This listing was posted on May 19 and they did manage to hire a person for it. We can also expect data miners to leak some new information about the map in the coming days as we’re getting close to Season 6. If the developers are actually planning to introduce Olympus as a new map in the next season, then we’ll start seeing some more in-game teasers soon.

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