Apex Legends Season 5 Best Three Characters To Play With

 Apex Legends Season 5 Best Three Characters To Play With

Apex Legends is currently halfway through season 5 and players are absolutely enjoying it. The new season brought a plethora of new content to the game such as new cosmetic items, map changes, and much more. In addition to this, it also increased the game’s number of legends from 12 to 13 by bringing Loba on board.

Loba is one of those legends who were leaked months prior to her official reveal. She was first featured in the Revenant’s official reveal trailer, but we only saw a child version of her in it. Later on, a few days prior to season 5, Respawn gave us our very first look at the master thief who has entered the Apex Games to take revenge for her parents.

Now that the game has around 13 legends in total, it can be somewhat difficult to choose which one to go with. The thing about these legends is that all of them come with their own unique set of abilities. Some can help you escape crucial situations quickly, some can help you reach places in an instant, while others can just give your opponents a difficult time. In any case, the choice of legend varies from player to player.

Best Three Apex Legends Season 5 Characters

Since the game’s release, Respawn has continuously introduced changes to almost every legend in order to balance things out. They sometimes introduce buffs when a legend is weak and nerfs when the legend is just too overpowered. In season 5, the developers introduced some much-demanded nerfs for Mirage and made him one of the best legends to play with. However, they also ended up nerfing Pathfinder, a decision that was not appreciated by many.

Now that we know what changes have taken place, it is safe to talk about the best three legends to play with in season 5.


We’re going to start our list with the legend who got the spotlight in season 5, Mirage. For those who don’t know, the holo-graphic trickster is one of the starting legends of the game and was always considered as a weak legend. In season 2, however, Respawn decided to give him a major buff after which he became a popular pick. Despite this, some players still thought that more can be done about it.

After seeing the outcries of the community, Respawn Entertainment finally decided to give him some major buffs in season 5. He can now send out his decoy and control it. His Ultimate now deploys more decoys than before. Not only this, but he also becomes invisible while reviving his teammates. This ability is easily one of the most useful ones available in the game.


Wraith has always remained one of the most popular picks in Apex Legends. She is a really powerful legend who possesses some of the best abilities in the game. The thing which most players love about her is that her Tactical Ability, called Into the Void, allows her to become invisible for a few seconds. This can either help her with avoiding damage coming from far away or escaping critical gunfights.

The void walker is a great asset to any squad considering she can set up a portal for her teammates. She can place a portal from one point to another by using her Ultimate Ability called the Dimensional Rift. The only downside about this ability is that your opponents will also have the luxury to use your portal. Despite this, Wraith is still a legend no one should mess with considering she always gives her opponents a really difficult time.


If you’re someone who is always looking to grab some high-tier loot as quickly as possible, then we’ll suggest you try out the game’s newest legend, Loba. The mater thief comes with a handful of amazing abilities that are mainly centered around gathering loot quickly. Her Passive Ability basically lets her see high-tier loot through the walls, something which saves her from the trouble of checking room to room.

Loba’s Ultimate Ability, called the Black Market Boutique, lets her place a small marketplace in the middle of almost anywhere and allows her to pick any two items quickly from the surrounding area. Her teammates can also use the marketplace, and it can also be dismantled after use to prevent the opponents from gaining benefits from it. If you ever get caught in trouble, then Loba can also help you teleport quickly by using her Tactical Ability.

These were some of the best three legends to play with in Apex Legends season 5. The new season has turned out to be really amazing for the game as more players are playing Apex than before. Considering how amazing the current season is, it will be exciting to see what Apex Legends season 6 is going to bring. Make sure to also check out the best landing spots in Kings Canyon for the current season.

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