Respawn Entertainment introduces a new character with every season in Apex Legends, and so far we have seen a total of 5 new ones. Today, we’ll be talking about Revenant who was added to the game in season 4. Shortly after season 4 went live, Revenant instantly became one of the most popular Legends. However, to this day, many players are still trying their best to master him.

Revenant is a product of Hammond Robotics and he used to be one of the greatest assassins known to mankind. However, he then decided to take revenge from his creators because of what they turned him into. His masters were unable to take control of him and he brutally murdered some of them in his official reveal trailer. He also ended up killing Loba’s parents, and she is currently out to take revenge from him.

Apex Legends Revenant Abilities

Before we jump into his abilities, you should keep in mind that Revenant is not for you if you’re not a fan of playing aggressively. His Tactical and Ultimate ability focus on giving you the luxury of pushing your enemy with full power for a limited time period. Therefore, if you’re someone who likes to handle things from a distance, then Revenant is not the Legend for you.

Passive Ability

Revenant has the most interesting passive ability out of all Legends in Apex called Stalker. Unlike other Legends who can either heal themselves or get warned about nearby enemies via their passive abilities, Revenant can walk faster when crouched. The best part is that it doesn’t matter whether you are aiming down sights or not while crouched, the Legend will move as if he’s still standing. This basically allows him to continuously remain on the move without being slowed down.

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Another amazing thing about his Passive is that it allows him to climb higher than other Legends. In fact, you can reach twice the height with Revenant than you can with other Legends. This provides him with more opportunities to flank his enemies. If there are some players camping on high ground, then Revenant will always remain a threat to them.

Tactical Ability

Revenant’s Tactical ability is called Silence, and it’s pretty amazing. The deadly robot can basically throw a device like a grenade than will deal with minor damage. However, its main purpose is to disable the active abilities of any enemy player that will come inside its radius. This is by far one of the most useful abilities in all of Apex considering a Legend is pretty much useless without his/her abilities. You don’t have to hit your target directly for it to work as it creates a cloud upon landing. This cloud will remain active for around 6 seconds, and anyone passes through it will taste Revenant’s wrath.

The thing which you need to keep in mind here is that you must act quickly right after launching the projectile. This is because it will only disable to abilities for around 10 seconds, and they will pass in an instant if you’re not prepared. Therefore, we will suggest you use this ability only when you’re thinking to push the enemy shortly after it. Otherwise, it will just go to waste. This ability is also perfect for those times when you want to block a specific route or a doorway.

Ultimate Ability

Finally, we have his Ultimate ability called the Death Totem. This ability can deploy a totem in front of you. Upon interacting with it, you and your squadmates will transform into the shadow form, something that will basically give you two lives. If you’re shot dead while in the shadow form, then you will get sent back to the totem with a small amount of health.

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The totem lasts for around 30 seconds and you must place it at a location where your enemies can’t see it because it can get destroyed instantly. In addition to this, if you go too far away from the totem, then you will exit the shadow form. However, when this ability is in the right hands, it can put you at a great advantage over other players.

Best Teammates

Crypto and Lifeline are considered as the best teammates for Revenant. Crypto can basically help him with seeing where the enemies are so he can flank them easily. Bloodhound can also help him out with this. As for Lifeline, she can stay behind at the totem with the healing drone so that when the other two teammates return to it they can prepare themselves quickly to push again.

This was our guide of the Revenant in Apex Legends. We hope that it will help you out. Make sure to also check out how you can play better with Bangalore.