Apex Legends Rampart: Abilities And Important Information

 Apex Legends Rampart: Abilities And Important Information

Apex Legends season 6 is scheduled to go live next month and players just can’t wait for it to arrive. The fifth season was really amazing as we got to see a lot of exciting new stuff in it, such as the introduction of loot bunkers through which we got to know more about Crypto. In addition to this, the developers took storytelling to a whole new level through The Broken Ghost quest series. Now that we’re approaching season 6, players are wondering what it will feature. Today, we’ll be talking about a leaked Legend who is believed to make his debut in the upcoming season.

Apex Legends Rampart

At the moment, it is believed that Rampart is going to be the next Legend. Rampart is the very character who was leaked alongside many more in February 2019, the launch month of Apex. However, since then, Respawn has never talked anything about this character. But thanks to popular data miners, we now have a lot of information about this Legend.

Male or Female?

To begin with, during the early leaks, an image came to the surface which gave us our first possible look at Rampart. But to everyone’s surprise, this new Legend is actually a female, meaning that the leaked image was not accurate, or maybe decided to change Rampart’s gender during the later stages of development. We all know how Respawn is always trying new things out, which is why we can never get sure of something until it has been officially confirmed.

A popular data miner who goes by the name Shrugtal claimed that we will soon start seeing season 6 teasers on the map. He added that one of the teasers is going to be spray-painted “All Hail Shiela.” As per the leaker, Shiela might be Rampart’s first name. Shrugtal previously thought that this will belong to Nova, who is another one in the list of leaked Legends but is now certain that it is for Rampart.

Rampart’s Abilities

Rampart’s abilities have also been leaked by data miners. However, keep in mind that any of them can get scrapped in the final version.

First, we have Amped Cover. This ability will allow Rampart to build a barrier that will protect her team from incoming shots and will also boost the damage of the shots they fire. The second leaked ability is Emplaced HMG, through which she will place a mounted machine gun that anyone will be able to use. The machine gun will have a long reload time, but will give enemies a really difficult time. This HMG was also teased in the official trailer of season 5.

Apex Legends

Next up, we have Fixer. As per the leaked information, this ability will give Rampart a wrench through which she will be able to repair structures. Either this ability has been scrapped because there aren’t such structures in Apex, or maybe Respawn is planning to introduce them in season 6. The fourth leaked ability is Cover Fire, which will overcharge the weapon damage when fired from Amped Cover. Finally, we have Gunner, which will make machine guns load faster and have increased magazine capacity.

While everything points towards Rampart being the next Legend of Apex, Respawn might decide to go with Ash. For those who don’t know, Ash is from the Titanfall universe and he was once leaked through the game’s files in the form of weapon charms. Since then, fans have been curious about his arrival. To further spice things up, it was revealed at the end of The Broken Ghost quest that it was Ash that was being built all along. Since Ash has kind of made an appearance in the game, the chances for him to become the next Legend are also high.

Apex Legends Season 6 Release Date

Apex Legends season 6 is expected to go live in the third week of August. The battle pass of the fifth season is scheduled to conclude on August 17, meaning that the next season will most likely release on the 18th. In addition to this, Respawn has always released major updates and seasons on Tuesday. As we’re getting close to the release, we can expect the developers to start dropping some in-game teasers soon to build up excitement, as well as suspense, for the upcoming Legend. The next season is also expected to feature a new map.

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