A few days ago, Respawn Entertainment introduced the third loot bunker in Apex Legends. This bunker featured some top tier loot along with a secret message from Crypto’s sister. And now, the developers have decided to introduce a fourth bunker which also features similar content. However, it is currently believed that this is going to be the fourth and final bunker that players will be able to enter.

Although the loot bunkers provide some temporary loot that can be used throughout the match, their main purpose is to keep players updated with what’s going on outside the arena. In the message which was hidden in the third bunker, Crypto’s sister talked about what happened to her after they got separated and how she is being shifted to a secret and secure location. As for the fourth bunker, it has shifted all the attention towards a new mysterious character. But before we jump into that, let’s talk about where this new bunker is located.

Apex Legends Loot Bunker 4 Location

Just like the previous bunkers, the fourth loot bunker is also located in Kings Canyon. It is called Terminal Station L-19 and has some amazing loot for you and your teammates. For instance, you will be able to find a Golden Havoc along with some hop-ups. In addition to this, you’ll find medkits and phoenix kits scattered on the floor.

After you start a match, simply land between Slum Lakes and Containment. You’ll be able to see the fourth loot bunker as soon as you land. Simply interact it with it and the hatch should open. The thing you need to keep in mind here is that the area will be filled with enemies considering it is a temporary hot zone. Everyone will be trying to get inside the bunker to get their hands on the loot and secret message. Therefore, make sure you’re prepared to fight off enemies right after landing.

Apex Legends

Before you start the match, make sure you choose Crypto as your character as only he can access the secret message. Just like it happened in the previous three bunkers, you will have to use his drone to reach the message. After your drop in the bunker, head down to the left corridor. At the end of it, you’ll come across a door that is blocked. However, there is a small open vent on its right side, and you can send Crypto’s drone through it. After you do this, simply take your Drone to the three screens and press the required button to trigger the message.

Apex Legends Loot Bunker 4 Secret Message

While the previous two secret messages focused on Crypto’s sister telling him about her current condition, the third one has spiced things up. As per the latest message, his sister has managed to escape because the people who captured her didn’t know about some backdoors. At the moment, she is laying low. At the end of her message, she warned Crypto that they’re working for one guy and they’re watching him from the “inside.”

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What the message said has ended up leaving multiple questions in the minds of players. Everyone was thinking they’ll finally get some answers in the final bunker, but it has only ended up creating more questions. Everyone is trying to figure out who this mysterious person could be. Some think that this hidden figure is yet to arrive in Apex, while others are of the opinion that it might turn out to be a character we have already played with.

Who Is The Mysterious Character?

At the moment, most things are pointing towards Kuben Blisk. For those who don’t know, Blisk was an important part of the Titanfall universe and was the leader of the Apex Predators. He has been discovered in the game’s files already but is yet to make an appearance. But if its someone who has already appeared in the game, then it might be Loba or the Revenant since both of them are the most troubled Legends.

In any case, it is yet to be revealed whether we’ll get to see another bunker or not in Apex Legends. Some players believe that this was the final bunker as it has already revealed everything players wanted to know. All we can do is wait and see what the developers have in mind for Crypto.