Apex Legends Look Bunker 3 Location And Secret Message

 Apex Legends Look Bunker 3 Location And Secret Message

Respawn Entertainment has always done a remarkable job when it comes to storytelling. Since the game’s release, they have used a variety of different methods to let players know more about their favorite Legends. The developers have even created an animated series in which they focus on the backstory of a specific Legend. Recently, they have been using different in-game methods to tell us what happened to Crypto in the past.

For those who don’t know, Crypto is the very Legend who was adding to the game’s roster back in season 3. Since then, he has remained a popular pick as his hacking abilities are really useful in the world of Apex. But the thing which frustrated many players was the fact that not much was known about him. Respawn only gave us an official reveal trailer for him and nothing else. However, all of this changed a couple of days ago when the developers introduced bunkers in Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends Third Loot Bunker

In the last couple of days, players were able to enter two bunkers that were filled with powerful loot. However, the second bunker had a secret message from Mila to Crypto. For those who don’t know, Mila is the long-lost sister of the master hacker who was separated from him because of some reason. Since the discovery of the secret message, players were wondering whether they’ll be able to see another bunker or not because all of them wanted to know what Mila has to say next. And now, the third bunker has finally appeared on the map.

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The third bunker is somewhat similar to the previous two bunkers as it also features powerful loot. In addition to this, it isn’t that difficult to reach and open it. A YouTuber who goes by the name DAminOOs was kind enough to let his viewers know about how they can easily open the bunker and get inside it.

How To See The Secret Message

The first thing you need to do after getting into a match in Kings Canyon is head straight to the valley located south of Artillery. There, you must land right next to the round hatch so you can interact with the button present at the front. After you press the button, the bunker will open for you and your teammates. Once you enter it, you will come across some valuable loot. The best part about the bunker is that it will give you one Golden weapon. Most players have come across the Sentinel sniper only, but you can find some other weapons too. As for the secret message, you will need to use Crypto’s drone and fly it through some vents to reach the message. This isn’t going to be a difficult task considering you’ll know what to do after you enter the bunker.

While the first secret message revealed the fight that took place which ended up separating the two siblings, the second message focuses more on some backstory along with the current state of Mila. She claimed that after they got separated, she was locked up in a room and was questioned about the algorithm. Mila revealed that Crypto really pissed them off by his actions and hence they wanted to know more about him. At the end of the message, she mentioned that she didn’t tell them a single thing and now they are planning to move her to a more secure location.

Will There Be A Fourth Bunker?

At the moment, players are wondering what will happen next. Considering the story is just getting started, Respawn will most likely introduce a number of new bunkers until they’re done telling the story. However, the developers have a habit of surprising their fans in the most unusual ways, so we can expect to see different story-telling methods throughout Apex Legends season 5. Considering the third bunker is a new location, it is going to be a hot-drop for many players. This is why you should be fully prepared before dropping there.

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On the other hand, players are also gearing up for Apex Legends season 6. Even though there is still more than a month left until the new season goes live, every player is wondering what it will feature. In the next couple of days, we can expect to see some leaks about its possible content coming to the surface.

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