Apex Legends Devs Already Testing Content For Season 12

 Apex Legends Devs Already Testing Content For Season 12

Apex Legends may not be the top battle royale title in the world, but it sure is one of the best ones. Coming out as a surprise to many players, it has survived in the gaming world for more than a year. At the moment, it has more than 70 million players and this number is constantly increasing. If you’re someone who thinks Apex will die out soon, then you might have to think again as the developers have revealed something interesting regarding their future plans.

While players are currently enjoying the fifth season of the game that brought Loba on board, Respawn has already started talking about the next seasons. And by next, I mean all the way up to Season 12. That’s right, this news was confirmed by developer Chad Grenier and Jason McCord who further told us about different Legends and map changes that are in the works for the upcoming seasons.

One thing almost every Apex player knows is that Respawn never stays shy from telling their fans about their future plans. For those who don’t know, the developers previously revealed that they were already working on season 6, 7, and 8 of the game. This was confirmed by the game’s design director, Jason McCord in April. During this month, players were gearing up for the fifth season and had no idea about what it would feature. Still, the devs couldn’t hold themselves from creating more hype for their battle royale game.

Apex Legends Update On Upcoming Seasons

Fast forward to this month, Respawn has decided to give yet another update about where they’re heading in terms of Apex Legends. The two developers, Chad Grenier and Jason McCord sat down with GamesRadar and talked about what they have in mind for their game. The most interesting thing revealed in their interview was that more than 6 Legends are currently being prepared to get added to the game’s list of characters.

While the developers claimed that they aren’t in the state to talk about “details” yet, they still confirmed that fans will get to see a few map changes in the coming years. In fact, the devs might also add a new arena to the game. This statement can be backed up by the job listing that appeared on EA’s website a few weeks back that required someone who can help Respawn create “new maps.”

Grenier further went on to add that they have a lot of exciting stuff in development and that they are doing internal playtests every day. In these tests, they are trying out different legends, map changes, and content “all the way up to and including Season 12 right now.” This pretty much confirms that the developers are just getting started with their battle royale game and that it isn’t going away, at least not in the next two to four years.

Better Storyline

One major thing which makes Apex different from other battle royale games is its storyline. Almost every legend has a backstory that slowly builds up with every passing update. Recently, we got to see how the developers gave us an amazing story experience through the Broken Ghost quest series. The devs claimed that after the first year of Apex, they were able to “flex their wings” and that they were getting better at telling the story. While we currently don’t know what Respawn is planning, both developers confirmed that they are trying really hard to figure out where they should go next.

In any case, it is interesting to see that the developers are already working on so much content. This clearly suggests that Apex has the potential to become the top battle royale title one day by leaving Fortnite behind. The current season is also in its second half, and players are now wondering what Apex Legends season 6 is going to feature.

At the moment, we currently don’t know exactly what the next season will bring. Many fans are wondering whether they will get to see a new map this time or not. It was previously rumored that season 5 is going to introduce a new arena, but all we got to see were map changes. However, Respawn has always managed to leave its fans surprised, so we can hope for a big thing in the upcoming season.

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