Apex Legends Bloodhound Guide – Become The Ultimate Hunter

 Apex Legends Bloodhound Guide – Become The Ultimate Hunter

Apex Legends has more than 12 Legends for players to choose from. Every Legend has its own set of unique abilities that can be used in different situations. There are abilities that can let you create a defensive structure to protect your team, while others can also rain down explosives from the sky. Today, we’ll be talking about Bloodhound who is an expert tracker.

Bloodhound is one of the eight Legends who were available at the launch of the game. Since February 2019, Respawn has introduced different changes to him. Before Crypto entered the game, Bloodhound was the only Legend who could track his opponents down. But with the introduction of the hacker and his drone, Bloodhound is no longer alone. Despite this, he is still a popular pick and one of the deadliest Legends available in Apex. Today, we’ll be sharing some tips on how to become a better player with Bloodhound.

Apex Legends Bloodhound Tips

The thing which most players love about Bloodhound is that unlike some other Legends, he can play aggressively but can also take a defensive stance. His Passive and Tactical abilities focus on tracking enemies down and knowing their exact position, while his Ultimate transforms him into a deadly hunter by giving him an improved vision, increased speed, and much more.

Passive Ability

Bloodhound’s Passive ability is called “Tracker” and it is one of the most useful ones available in the game. The thing about Passive abilities is that they are set by default and you don’t have to press any button to activate them. As for Bloodhound, Tracker can help him detect the presence of an enemy for up to 90 seconds. This basically allows him to know whether an enemy was nearby or not, and he can then alert his team. While your teammates won’t be able to see the information, you can always use the voice or text chat feature. At the moment, the hunter is able to detect destroyed doors, footprint, slide, death, heal, reload, and much more.

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Tactical Ability

Bloodhound’s Tactical ability “Eye of the Allfather” is yet another amazing ability that can be used to know the exact location of the enemy team. Whenever you trigger the ability, it sends out a conical scan which locates the presence of nearby enemies. You don’t have to worry about the scan getting interrupted as it can pass through walls and almost every other obstacle.

The only downside about this ability is that the enemies will see the scan and hear a sound whenever it is used. This means that you will also end up alerting nearby enemies after using this ability. A pro player will also be able to tell where the scan came from, so make sure you’re prepared to engage right after doing the scan. But at the same time, the enemy will team will also become nervous and they won’t have the time to prepare for a counter-attack.

Beast of the Hunt

Finally, we have the “Beast of the Hunt.” This is Bloodhound’s Ultimate ability and it transforms him into a deadly fighter. The ability basically increases his movement speed by 30% and his vision turns black and white. Furthermore, it highlights all enemies in red so that he can easily spot them. The Ultimate lasts for around 35 seconds, but you can add another 5 seconds to it if you down an enemy. You will also be able to see through Bangalore’s smoke and Caustic’s gas, so nothing’s basically going to stop you from becoming a ruthless killer. However, keep in mind that your enemies will be able to tell if you’re using this ability.

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Best Teammates

Bloodhound can become an excellent teammate for either Bangalore and Caustic. Bangalore can create a smoke cloud, while Caustic can use his Nox Gas. When combined with Bloodhound’s Tactical or Ultimate, these abilities can prove to be really deadly. For instance, Bangalore can fire smoke directly towards an enemy team, thus making them blind. You can then use your Tactical to let your teammates see through the smoke cloud, and then use the Ultimate to engage.

In any case, Bloodhound is surely one of the most reliable Legends in all of Apex. Just make sure to share useful tracking information with your teammates so that all of you can stay alert.

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