Apex Legends All Characters Will Get Heirlooms, Respawn Confirms

 Apex Legends All Characters Will Get Heirlooms, Respawn Confirms

Apex Legends players are always looking for ways to get their hands on various cosmetic items. Since the game’s release in February, Respawn Entertainment has introduced a variety of different cosmetic items in the game for every Legend. These items range from skins to weapon charms and much more. However, the most sought for cosmetic item has always been Heirlooms.

For those who don’t know, Heirlooms are extremely difficult to find in Apex Legends and rarely appear in an Apex Pack. Unlike the normal cosmetic items available in the game, Heirlooms are based on the lore of a certain Legend. An Heirloom set contains a melee weapon skin, a banner pose, and an intro quip. The thing which frustrates many players is that they cannot be purchased directly from the store. In short, there isn’t an easy or quick way to get them.

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Since February 2019, Respawn has added an Heirloom set for six Legends. These include Wraith, Bloodhound, Octane, Lifeline, Pathfinder, and the most recent one, Mirage. All six Legends have their own Heirloom sets and every player is trying to get them. The community has always asked Respawn to add more of them to the game, but the developers are really slow with the process. After an Heirloom set is added, players have to wait for months for a new one. However, Respawn has recently confirmed something that has left a lot of fans excited.

Apex Legends Heirloom Set Update

On Twitter, one fan asked Jason McCord if Crypto will be getting an Heirloom set anytime soon. For those who don’t know, McCord is the Design Director of Apex Legends who always reveals exciting stuff on his Twitter account. In reply to the question, McCord claimed that “all Legends will get their Heirlooms eventually.” He further mentioned that he knows about the next two Legends who will get their Heirloom sets and asked the fan to not wait.

McCord’s reply confirmed two things. First, every Legend will get his/her own Heirloom set in the future. Second, Crypto mains will have to wait a little longer for his set. They will get disappointed after hearing this, but Respawn is keeping some other two Legends a priority at the moment. Another thing that slows down the process is that Respawn adds a new character with every season so it takes the devs a lot of time to catch up. One of the game’s producers, Josh Medina also replied with a GIF which further confirmed that Crypto’s Heirloom set is far away.

Which Legends Will Get One?

With that being said, it is yet to be revealed which two Legends are going to be lucky enough to receive their Heirloom sets. At the moment, the chances for Caustic and Bangalore to get their Heirloom sets are high. This is because both Caustic and Bangalore are two of the starting Legends of the game and it is about time we get to see a set for them. However, Respawn always plans differently and ends up surprising everyone. Another thing which players are wondering is whether they will be releasing both Heirloom sets together or separately.

Quick Way To Get Heirloom in Apex Legends

Since Respawn hasn’t added Heirlooms in the in-game store, it can be somewhat difficult to get one. There is no easy to get it, and all you can do is rely on your luck. This is mainly because the Heirloom sets can be found in Apex Packs or can be purchased through Heirloom Shards. The thing which some players don’t know is that Respawn has added an Heirloom set in 1 of every 500 Apex Packs. This means that in order to speed up the process, you will need to spend some money on Apex Packs. The more packs you open, the more chances you’ll have to get a set.

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Meanwhile, players can now open and enter the third loot bunker in Apex Legends. These bunkers contain valuable loot along with secret messages that tell us more about Crypto and his long-lost sister, Mila. The second bunker told us about how the two siblings got separated, while the third one has revealed what happened to Mila after she was captured. The third bunker also has a Golden weapon to offer, so make sure to give it a visit as soon as possible.

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