WePlay! Announces Pushka League Season 2

 WePlay! Announces Pushka League Season 2

A highly successful endeavour from WePlay! during the unstable circumstances of the pandemic was the Pushka League that followed WeSave!, a charity event that gained successful nominations and donations, and much popularity with the DOTA 2 community. It is now that WePlay! are making a return once more to DOTA 2 esports with the official announcement of the WePlay! Pushka League Season 2.

“The new regional Dota 2 league gathered more than 750 thousand viewers on broadcasts (exactly 775,225 people), generated more than 11 million hours of viewing and, considering severe lack of entertainment, showed battles between the best teams of CIS and EU regions: Team Liquid, OG, Team Secret, Virtus.pro, B8 Esports, and many more great teams!”

The WePlay! Pushka League gave the stage to all top tier professional teams of DOTA 2 to go head to head as an online format event. The aim was a successful endeavour to prove that esports events with a fully online format can hold the same professional high tier action as any normal event would, with teams such as Nigma, Na’Vi, Virtus Pro, OG and more actively taking participation. The event gained many views, with a prize pool of $250,000 distributed. The Season 2 announcement comes with all the information on the dates, the prize pool, the participants, and the time and place where you can catch all the action once more from the Pushka League.

“The next stage of WePlay!’s regional league will see a brand new format. Still, it is a bit complex: a couple of divisions, links between them, no tiebreakers and the places will decide the team’s progression… It may sound scary, but our Esports Department made a hell of a scheme to make sure that the teams will be motivated in every match so you will enjoy every map of the tournament.


The new season brings three regions;
1. Europe, that includes both CIS and Europe itself.
2. Asia, that will hold China as well as South-East Asia.
3. America, that includes both North and South America.


There is a full layout of each region’s divisions given alongside the announcement at WePlay!’s official website blog. It holds three divisions for Europe, with Asia and America having two each.

Each Division shall have their starting points with qualifiers that shall decide which teams will move on.


Overall, the whole event shall last for a full month, starting on August 13th until September 13th. The Grand Finals shall commence from September 8th, lasting for five days. Although the dates for open qualifiers with be released in the future, the main event related dates we do get are the following;

  1. Group Stage — August 13-23.
  2. Tiebreakers / Possible replays — August 25.
  3. Play-in-Stage — August 26.
  4. Div 2 Playoffs — August 27 – September 6.
  5. EU Div 3 Playoffs — August 27 – September 13.
  6. Div 1 Superfinals — September 8-13.


A big roster of organizations will come this time to the Pushka League which state that there will be 72 teams in total this time in Season 2, over the 22 teams of the Pushka League Season 1. All teams shall be going head to head to strive till the Grand Finals event that shall crown the final winner.
Europe is coming with the largest number of teams, 32, with 20 teams each from Asia and America. Divisions 2 and 3 will have 8 teams each from each region, with Europe’s Division one having the highest number of teams, 16. Asia and America Division 1 will have 12 teams each. All teams that joined the Pushka League previously are looking to return as well, with Team Secret holding the current title of champions of the Pushka League.

Prize Pool:

WePlay! do have a knack of showing fans only the biggest stuff from their events. This time, the Pushka League Season 2 will have a total Prize Pool of over $400,000. They jokingly state that the Prize Pool is “HUGE”.

Thus, the month of August shall have plenty of online action for DOTA 2. WePlay! conclude with the overall impression of a better, more flexible format for their next entry to DOTA 2 Esports.

“WePlay! Pushka League Season 2 has naturally changed, developed, matured, evolved. Now, there’s an expanded format, a flexible system of divisions, an impressive prize pool and, the most valuable part, a month-length tournament intrigue — a real evolution of the professional Dota 2 scene! And we will become part of this action this fall!”

For all more on WePlay!, visit their Official Website.