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Valorant Will Get A Surrender Option Soon

Riot Games’ first FPS title, Valorant was released a few days ago after being in a beta stage for around two months. The game has been met with positive criticism upon its release, something that was expected. Even though the developers have launched the game with all important features, there are still a few things missing from it. One of them is the surrender option.


For those who don’t know, the surrender option is something being requested by players of many multiplayer shooter games. It is a feature that is much needed in games like Valorant. The feature can basically let teams who have been put at a disadvantage leave the match without worrying about anything. For instance, if the team has been met with powerful and more skilled opponents, or if one of their teammates has decided to abandon the match, then they can simply surrender the match instead of carrying on without any hope.

Valorant AFK Issues

This issue is also being faced by many teams in Valorant. There are times when one of their teammates leaves the match and it quickly turns into a 4v5 arena. This is quite frustrating considering you are put at a disadvantage. The worst part is that you will have to struggle through the entire match because you won’t have any other choice but to carry on. However, things might change soon as Riot Games is planning to introduce the surrender option soon in Valorant.


Recently, Joe Ziegler and Anna Donlon from Riot Games spoke to ESPN Esports and talked about some important things related to Valorant. At one point, they confirmed that they are trying to find ways to overcome the problem of players going AFK during the middle of a match. They want to provide something through which the team can have the option to decide whether they want to continue with the rest of the match or not. Ziegler did confirm that after they have introduced big punishments, the number of AFKers has dropped significantly. However, the problem still exists and will never completely decay.

At the moment, Riot Games is yet to confirm exactly when they will introduce the surrender option in Valorant. However, since this is a big issue in their newly released game, we can expect it to arrive soon. Both employees of Riot confirmed that it will become “very soon after launch.” Let’s just wait and see what the developers have in mind for us.

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