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Valorant: Deathmatch And Other Modes Are Possibly In Development

Valorant was finally released a few days ago. Riot’s first FPS title remained in beta stage for around two months, and players from different parts of the world got the chance to enjoy it. The game’s launch was a success as a lot of people were eagerly waiting to get their hands on it. However, now that Valorant is getting attention from all over the world, Riot Games has to make sure they deliver whatever players want. And it seems like the much demanded Deathmatch mode is indeed in works.


Valorant players have been requesting the developers to add new things to the game since the beta stage. They basically want something else other than the current standard mode. At the moment, Spike Rush is the only alternative mode they can play. While a normal match goes on for around 25 to 50 minutes, Spike Rush limits this to 8 to 12 minutes. This means that the mode is perfect for those who are looking for some quick action.

Valorant Dev Talks About Game Modes

While talking about new content, Valorant’s producer and product lead for game modes, Jared Berbach, claimed that they think of Valorant as a game that has unlimited potential for game modes and expansions. He further added that their main goal is to add modes for all types of players, needs, mindsets, and moods. While talking about the Deathmatch mode, the developer claimed that they know how badly the community wants this mode. The devs believe that a mode in which players can warm up and practice with live targets is something that”resonates with us both as competitors and as developers.”


At the moment, Riot Games hasn’t talked about exactly when these new game modes are going to arrive. However, considering they are currently trying to take their game to the top of the esports scene, we can expect them to arrive soon. Other than new game modes, we can expect Riot Games to add much more content such as new agents and weapons.

The developers are also planning to introduce the surrender option to the game. This feature will basically allow players to abandon the match without worrying about anything. For instance, if a team is met with over-skilled opponents or if one of their teammates has left the match, then they can simply surrender the match and avoid struggling throughout the match. However, it is yet to be revealed when this feature will become available.

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