Uzi of Royal Never Give Up has come with a surprising announcement of retiring from Esports. The legendary player for League of Legends was a large part of the LOL Esports community, instigating many fans of the game to commend his skills in the game. This announcement comes as the finality of the player alongside his whole story of the decision to quit esports.

Uzi shared his health circumstances that led to the decision to leave Esports. He shared that his last year physical examination led to the discovery that he had Stage Two Diabetes. This was due to the intense workload and an unstable lifestyle with an unstable diet that he had throughout his career in esports. The circumstances led to the decision to take a break from the LPL Spring Split. The concluding statement comes as the final decision of the legendary player. This comes as saddening news to many.

Royal Never Give Up showcased the impact that Jian Zihao had as a player. He went on the become a vital part of his team and organization. He was the instigator to set many new records of many events he player. He was also one of the only two people who reached the Championship Final Twice. He retires with the most kills in professional LOL games in the entire world.

Royal Never Give Up also came forward to state how the organization shall strive further to accomodate the player towards complete recovery in the future. They made heartfelt comments on what Uzi meant as a player for them and how he will always be a part of their RNG Family.

The modest legend of LOL goes into retirement with a simple post. Nonetheless, his post is filled with heartwarming farewells and the hope to see the player recover and once again take the stage out of retirement.

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