Pokemon Go Fest; All In Stored for July

 Pokemon Go Fest; All In Stored for July

Since the announcement of Pokemon GO Fest 2020 about two months back, the lights haven’t just moved from one small city to another. The event stance that has grossed more than 50,000 active participants in the past years is now coming to the globe for the first time ever, available to every single player if he chooses to participate.

The month of July looks to celebrate the fourth Anniversary for the immensely successful mobile title of the famed Pokemon franchise. What comes this way this month includes updates to Research Breakthroughs, Raid Battles, Spotlight hours, Weekly challenges, brand new Poke’ Go fest challenges and much more, all leading to the two golden days for all Pokemon Go players; the Pokemon Go Fest 2020.

With June plans coming to a close, to give you a briefing of all that you can look forward to and prepare for, we’ve prepped the full list, week by week, of what you shall be getting from playing Pokemon Go in July, that too possibly without even having to leave your own home or your room!

Here is the first week of July.

Research Breakthrough Encounter:

To start things off, from today 1st July onward, the Research Breakthrough encounter Pokemon will be Larvitar, the Ground Type whose final evolution comes peculiar to many particular fans. Running for the whole month duration, this is your chance to get it, maybe even in its shiny form if you’re really lucky. This Breakthrough shall last from 1st July till 1st August, plenty of time for anyone to go for it.

Fourth Anniversary Event Week:

Alongside the breakthrough encounter, one of the biggest things this month is the Anniversary Event Week that is starting just in two days. From July 3rd to July 8th, the week shall be featuring an Event Challenge and brand new Even Features. That’s not all, The duration shall also host the Special Raid Weekend, all simultaneously for the celebration of Pokemon Go’s release four years ago on July 6th.

Event Challenge Skill:

The Event Challenge for players this time around is intriguingly towards skill in Pokemon Go! What Niantic is hinting is that players should look forward to showing what skill they perfected for all these years catching Pokemon. Based on this, the event challenges will reward not only those that fulfil the tasks, but the whole event as well by unlocking Pokemon spawns and more! Here’s the list of fulfilling the Pokemon Go Fest Weekly Event Challenge:
– The basic stuff is to complete the three tasks of the Go Fest Weekly Challenge. If you fulfil that, you’ll get to meet a Flying Pikachu! Alongside this, you’ll earn encounters with Ducklett, items and more! And yes, Flying Pikachu can also be a Shiny one!
– Now for the bigger scenario, this task set of three will be available to everyone who plays the game. But then if the Pokemon Go player base completes this task a million times for each Team, Team Valor, Team Mystic and Team Instinct, The Pokemons Chimecho, Alomomola and Chansey will be unlocked for the Pokemon Go Fest 2020!
– That leads us to the Skill part. If you’re able to complete the Weekly Challenge, you’ll unlock the Go Fest Elite Skill Challenge, which shall reward you with some brand new prizes!

Event Features:

If you’re thinking you’ve got so much stuff already, the Event Challenge is just the start. The Event Features will have Flying-type Pokemon. Shiny Pidove is up for grabs! Eggs and raids shall feature Flying Type Pokemon with party hats!

The Pokemon Ducklett will make its debut, available as a research breakthrough reward alongside appearing in the wild and in 5km eggs.

Flying Pikachu will be in the wild and in raids as well. And remember, shiny one will be out there too!

And one more thing, don’t forget to take a snapshot, you’re in for a new surprise.

Special Raid Weekend:

Ho-oh is returning soon! This weekend will stare the Johto Legendary up for grabs in Five Star Raids. You can use remote raid passes to participate in raids near you. Be sure to take this chance if you already haven’t caught it for your collection.

This concludes the Fourth Anniversary Week. There’s still more though onto the second week.

Battle-Based Challenge for Week 2:

From July 10th to July 15th, the second Pokemon GO Fest Weekly Challenge will be available. This one will test your battle prowess. Similar to the Skill Challenge in the first week, this one will reward you with encounters with Hitmonlee and Absol if you’re able to complete it. It will also have a Rocket Radar as a reward! It has the same three set task as well.

Similarly, Team players completing the tasks one million times will add Ferroseed, Alolan Grimer and Alolan Marowak to the list of Pokemon appearing in the Pokemon Go Fest 2020. Completing this task will unlock for you the Elite Battle Challenge, with new rewards here in tow too.

There will also be a separate Battle Themed Event starting on July 12th. Conclusively, this brings us to Week three. Tired yet?

Friendship Challenge and Summer Event for Week 3:

This will be coming after the conclusion to the Battle Challenge. You’ll know the true essence of friendship, with rewards coming to and from your Buddy Pokemon and Fellow Players! This will come and go just before the grand start of the Pokemon Go Fest 2020!

Alongside this Challenge, there will be the Summer Event, featuring the Summer Style Pikachu and the debut of Petilil! It shall start on July 17th till July 22nd.

Finishing the Friendship Timed Research will award you with Alolan Raichu, Petilil and more. If Team players complete this one million times from each team, the Pokemons Togetic, Dratini and Litwick will be unlocked for the Pokemon Go Fest 2020. Completing it will also reward players with the Elite Friendship Challenge, once again having new rewards.

All of this will arrive to set the two days of the dates July 25th and 26th for Pokemon Go’s biggest event of the year, The Pokemon Go Fest 2020. Tickets to unlock the Go Fest 2020 are available ingame.

For more on Pokemon Go Fest, visit this year event’s official website. Hope this helped you get hyped for the month of July. If you’re a new player to Pokemon Go, you’ll be surprised by the amount of content the game puts at you. And if you’re an old player making a return, you’ll be equally surprised by the number of updates and changes the game has undertaken. Monthly Community Days are still popular, but nothing comes close to the GO Fest. Pokemon Go is on its way to being as successful and fun as ever, especially after the recent reveal of what is to come in the future.