Pokemon Go: Featured Weedle for June Community Day

 Pokemon Go: Featured Weedle for June Community Day

The votings for the coming Community Days have given rise to Weedle and Gastly as the featured Pokemon for June and July Community Days. Weedle is the star for this month who shall be spawning frequently in it’s Community Day set to commence in less than 8 days on the weekend after this one.

Weedle will feature its evolution forms of Kakuna and Beedrill as well as their shiny forms available during and after the event. The event shall also have an optional special community day bundle for purchase as well.

“Thank you for all your efforts campaigning and voting for the Pokémon you want featured for June and July Community Day events. We are pleased to announce that Weedle, the Hairy Bug Pokémon, will be the featured Pokémon in June and that the Gas Pokémon Gastly will be featured in July! Read on for more details about June Community Day, and stay tuned for more info on July Community Day.

Date + Time

Saturday, June 20, 2020, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time


  • Weedle will be appearing more frequently in the wild. If you’re lucky, you may encounter a Shiny Weedle.
  • Evolve Kakuna (the evolved form of Weedle) during the event or up to two hours afterward to get a Beedrill that knows Drill Run.
  • Take a few snapshots during Community Day for a surprise!
  • There’ll be a special one-time-purchase June Community Day bundle, featuring an Elite Charged TM, 30 Ultra Balls, 3 Star Pieces, and 3 Incense.


  • 3× Catch Stardust
  • Incense activated during the event will last for three hours.
  • Buddy Pokémon with a Buddy Level of Great Buddy or higher will bring you helpful items, such as Poké Balls, throughout the event. Check out this help centre article to learn how to become Great Buddies with your buddy.

The Community Day Livestream shall make its debut as well looking to catch all the action on cam. Players will be able to stream that throughout the duration of the Community Day event.

There will not be a Livestream during June Community Day. We’d like to thank all of the Trainers who tuned in to our first-ever Community Day Livestream. We made a ton of memories, had a lot of fun, and caught a lot of Seedot—and we hope you did, too!

“With all of that said…who’s ready for Weedle Community Day? Let’s GO, Hairy Bug Pokémon fans!

Moreover, the next Community Day will be featuring a fan favourite Generation 1 Pokemon. Gastly will showcase its evolution forms as well which includes the very popular Ghost-Poison Type Pokemon Gengar. This will look to arouse many players to look forward to next month’s Community Day as well.

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