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Infinity Ward Shares Modern Warfare Season 4 Roadmap

Modern Warfare players are always eagerly waiting for new content to arrive. Although developer Infinity Ward has a habit of adding new content after a few weeks, players just can’t get enough of it. After every few months, the devs release a new season that introduces a plethora of new content to the game. Not only do they introduce new content at the start of a new season, but they keep on adding things throughout the season. And now, Infinity Ward has shared the roadmap for Modern Warfare season 4.

Modern Warfare Season 4 Roadmap

The new roadmap of Modern Warfare season 4 basically gives us a look at what things Infinity Ward will be adding throughout the season. This new content will be for both multiplayer and the Warzone battle royale mode. To give players an even closer took at the new content, the devs have also shared a brand-new trailer for the roadmap.

On June 11, Infinity Ward dropped season 4 after a short delay. It was meant to arrive a week ago but was unfortunately delayed because of some reason. The new season has added three new maps to the multiplayer, two new weapons called the Fennec SMG and CR-56 Amax Assault Rifle, and much more. As for Warzone, there are some new in-match events such as the Jailbreak. However, these aren’t the only things players will be getting in season 4 as the official roadmap has increased the hype.

Infinity Ward has confirmed that throughout season 4, they’ll be adding two new operators, three multiplayer modes, and a new multiplayer map called Cheshire Park. In addition to this, Warzone players will finally get to enjoy three new limited-time modes. This is something players of the battle royale mode have been requesting for a long time, and the developers have finally decided to listen to them.

Three New Multiplayer Modes

Just like the previous seasons, the multiplayer will get exciting new content. To begin with, there are going to be three new modes. One of them is Chamber, a mode where players only have one bullet in their weapon. This mode features a free-for-all environment, something which makes everything exciting. The second mode is going to be All or Nothing, which happens to be another free-for-all mode. However, instead of having one bullet in their weapons, players will be given a pistol and a Throwing Knife only. Finally, we have the Team Defender mode in which one team will have the goal to capture and hold a flag, while the opposing team will have to remove them.

A New Map

Infinity Ward is also going to add a new map to the multiplayer. The new map is called Cheshire Park and it will be free for everyone to download. In addition to this, players will also get the Rytec AMR Sniper Rifle at some point in season 4. This means that you won’t only get a new arena to test your skills, but also a new sniper to get those long-ranged kills.

Two Operators and Free Weekend

Two new operators will be also making their way to the multiplayer. The first operator is going to be Gaz, and the second one will be Roze. Both operators will be available in the season 4 battle pass. Aside from this, there is also going to be a free multiplayer weekend that will start today, on June 12. While not every map will be available on this free weekend, players will get the chance to try out the multiplayer and the 3v3 Gunfight mode.

Warzone Limited-Time Modes

As for Warzone, players will get to experience three limited-time modes. These three modes will rotate throughout the fourth season. The first mode is going to be Juggernaut Royale in which teams will have to capture and make the best use of the three killstreak drops that will become available on the map. The Realism Mode from the multiplayer will also become available, but with limited HUD and increased headshot damage. Finally, we have the Warzone Rumble. This limited-time mode is currently live and it features an arena where two teams of 50 players each battle each other.

In any case, it is great to see that Infinity Ward has so much planned for the fourth season. All of this will keep players engaged with the game.

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