DOTA 2 Battle Pass: Valve revises Updates amidst Community Complaints

 DOTA 2 Battle Pass: Valve revises Updates amidst Community Complaints

The DOTA 2 Battle Pass for The International 2020 (TI10) was introduced with a few new features that replaced older ones in the aim of making a fresh impact on the DOTA 2 community. Those that bought the Battle Pass were introduced to the newest wagering feature that rewarded with points necessary for levelling up the Pass in order to achieve the level rewards. This was one of the two features that came as a replacement of the older normal wagering token features and recycling mechanics of the Battle Pass.

However, there was controversy from the community which did not welcome these newest additions. The older features seemingly rewarded players better and gave simplicity and entertainment for Battle Pass buyers. The newer features seemed to do the opposite; they sufficed to frustrate the owners rather than rewarding them for playing the game. The same accounted to the second biggest feature of the TI10 Battle Pass; the SideShop. The Side shop was a random draft that would allow players to use Side shop gold to roll in star heroes. By getting the same star heroes, players would merge them to make two-star heroes up till to a three-star that in return would be sold to give points to players that they could use to get exclusive prizes. It proved more of a headache than a new feature which almost the whole community did not grow accustomed to.

Now, Valve has given updates to the Battle Pass where they have completely removed the Side shop, alongside revising the wagering system back to how it was in previous Battle Passes.

This comes as a fortunate change for the DOTA 2 community who did wanted to see a revise in the TI10 Battle Pass System. The apparent aim of the digital product to be a source of entertainment that rewards players with in-game prizes and the overall wanting to buy it was showing to be a problem this year. Thus these changes look to give the community what they are asking for; a worthwhile purchase that is fun and rewarding.

This update comes as the bigger change towards newer feature retractions that followed a previous minor change. This previous update gave a small increase of point rewards, although that would suffice a complete rework now that both the old wagering system and the Sideshop is retracted.

Hopefully, there will be more updates in the future to better accommodate these changes making a suitable levelling up system for the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass holds to be the primary revenue maker of The International, surmounting to break previously held records by the same event in esports. These changes shall look to provide better sales for the product and in return add to the chance that this year’s TI Prize pool shall again break the previous year’s number.

The International itself will look to commence later next year due to the current circumstances of the pandemic. For all the information on its new date and more, you can check out our TI Postponing article over here.

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