CS:GO players will be excited to know that they might get to enjoy a brand new game mode after a very long time. Some CS:GO data miners recently reported that they have found some hidden files that hint towards a new game mode. These files were discovered in the recently released June 10 update.


For those who don’t know, Valve hasn’t added a new game mode in CS:GO since 2018. The latest mode to get added was Danger Zone, which featured the battle royale experience. Although Valve constantly adds new maps and cosmetic items in their FPS title from time to time, they are slow when it comes to adding new game modes. But as per data miners, all of this will soon change as Valve has some new plans in mind.

CS:GO New Mode Discovered

The new mode was first discovered by Reddit user Forest_Technicality. According to him, official retake servers will soon join the official matchmaking system. To further confirm this, the user claimed that he found files on both Mirage and Inferno. For those who don’t know, both of these maps were updated through the June 10 update. In addition to this, Valve also added a set of togglable barriers, retake.asite and retake.bsite, to both maps. These are mainly used to transform the 5v5 maps into 2v2 Wingman arenas.


The data miner did mention that a retake game mode requires its own script file, but he didn’t manage to find one in the map or in the CS:GO directory. Such servers are always considered as a good way to warm up before getting into the main action. Official servers also improve the quality of games.

When Will It Arrive?

At the moment, we currently don’t know exactly when this new game mode will arrive. Valve hasn’t talked about any of this, and leaked information should always be taken with a grain of salt. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that the community has been requesting a new game mode for a long time now. Considering CS:GO has new competition in the form of Valorant, Valve will avoid doing anything that will disappoint its fan base.

On the other hand, CS:GO players are also waiting for the game to get ported to Source 2 Engine. This first came to the surface on March 27, but we have no official word on it too. Only time will tell what Valve has in mind for their top esports title.