Capcom Pro Tour postponed for Black Lives Matter Initiative

 Capcom Pro Tour postponed for Black Lives Matter Initiative

Recently the Capcom Pro Tour was to make a return after the pandemic circumstances that postponed the Event for a long while. It was in March that the announcement came of its postponing, with the return being made at the start of this March. Registrations were already open which gave incentive to many fans to participate for a chance to enter the Capcom Cup. Now, however, it looks that the event shall once again face delay, as Capcom has announced they will be participating in the Black Lives Matter Initiative and show their support for the Anti-racism movement.

There has been massive surges of participation from all around the world for the even that followed George Floyd. Almost all entertainment industries and workplaces including esports have shown their support for the movement for the African-American/Black people. They posted the following message of their statement regarding Black Lives Matter on Twitter, highlighting the shunning of racism and the equal treatment of all. They made the decision to delay the Capcom Cup as stated below amidst the unstable circumstances of today.

They also follow with a comment that they shall be actively looking to donate in the incentive possibly in the form of a donation to the BLM organization. Although not confirmed as of yet, they have guaranteed their participation.

The events that portrayed the terrible treatment and demise of George Floyd under the hands of the very people who should be upholding the law, the police, has shaken the entire black community throughout the world. There has been massive participation and protest, some which have even turned violent, in retaliation of the treatment of the departed and the links that showed the connection with racism. It foregoes that all violent acts that support racism or violence are prohibited by all, and this shows Capcom’s voice in the larger picture. Many other known industries such as Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Ubisoft and more have shown their voice of support of the treatment of black people in the USA.

The delays showed the move from Paris to the USA. It also followed with updates to the schedule of the whole Capcom Cup in order to properly accommodate the delayed dates. This delay once more shall have an overlook at the whole scenario once more, with future news to come alongside the new dates of when the Pro Tour shall commence now.

Fans will have to wait a little more for all the Street Fighter action that shall crown the next champion for the finale.

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