Apex Legends To Arrive on Nintendo Switch

 Apex Legends To Arrive on Nintendo Switch

Respawn Entertainment had a lot to talk regarding Apex Legends during the recent EA Play’s event. Players were excited to hear some big things regarding their favorite battle royale game, and they weren’t disappointed. One of the biggest announcements from the event was Apex Legends getting released for the Nintendo Switch.

Apex Legends Coming to Nintendo Switch

Since Apex was released, there have been many rumors and leaks floating around regarding a Nintendo Switch version of the game. However, players just couldn’t take that information without a grain of salt as nothing official was announced regarding it. But now, Respawn has finally put an end to all those rumors and speculations after confirming that the game will indeed make its way to the Nintendo Switch.

At the moment, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t provided any specific release date for the Nintendo Switch version, only that it will arrive this Fall. However, Fall 2020 isn’t that far away, so players of the handheld console won’t have to wait that long to get their hands on the battle royale title. Once this happens, Respawn Entertainment will have Apex Legend on almost every major platform available in the world.

What This Means for Apex

The Nintendo Switch release is going to lead to a lot of positive things. The biggest thing will be the player count. In October 2019, Apex Legends had around 70 million players. This was officially confirmed by EA, but they haven’t provided any update about it since then. However, the current player count is much more considering season 5 is bringing in more players than the previous seasons. This player count will further increase after the game arrives on Nintendo Switch and becomes available for millions of more players. There are many who have been eagerly waiting for Apex to arrive on it.

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment had always kept the Nintendo Switch version a priority. Back in 2019, one of the game’s developers Drew McCoy claimed that the company knows a lot of players want it on the handheld console. Since these words came out of his mouth, players have just been waiting for an official announcement.

Now that it has been officially announced, Switch players will be eagerly waiting for Fall to arrive. One thing to keep in mind there is that Epic Game’s Fortnite is already on that platform, meaning that Apex will have competition from the start. Only time will tell whether the Nintendo Switch port will be a success for Respawn Entertainment or not. Other than this, it has also been confirmed that crossplay will soon become available in Apex Legends.

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