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Apex Legends Season 5 – Best Landing Spots In The New Kings Canyon

Apex Legends season 5 went live a few weeks ago, and players absolutely loved it. Just like the previous four seasons, this one has also introduced a plethora of new content such as a new battle pass, cosmetic items, and much more. In addition to this, Loba has also joined the game’s list of legends. However, the thing which left everyone excited was the new look given to Kings Canyon.

Kings Canyon is the original map of Apex Legends that has been available since the game’s release in February 2019. Over the past year, it has gone through some minor tweaks and changes. At one point, it was even completely replaced by the new World’s Edge map. But after a lot of players requested for it to come back, Respawn decided to make both of them available.

Apex Legends Season 5 Map Changes

While Kings Canyon has gone through some changes during the past few seasons, such as the Repulsor Tower getting destroyed and Leviathans entering the map, the fifth season has introduced the biggest changes yet. In fact, it is difficult to recognize the map considering the devs have even decided to completely rip Skull Town out of the map. Now that there are new locations filled with exciting new loot, players are currently trying to figure out where to drop. Today, we’ll be talking about some of the best landing spots in the new Kings Canyon.

The Broken Coast

As soon as season 5 went live, many players were disheartened to see that Skull Town was gone. This was mainly because Skull Town has always remained the most popular drop-zone in Kings Canyon. It was a place where teams would test their abilities against each other right after landing. However, while the location has been taken away from us, Respawn has in fact replaced it with something of the same caliber. That’s right, we now have The Broken Coast.

Apex Legends

The Broken Coast is the new hot-drop of Kings Canyon and it never stays empty. You will always end up finding many teams to fight after you land here. The best part about The Broken Coast is that it is located right next to Salvage and both locations are filled with some top-tier loot. Salvage also happens to be close to Gauntlet, an area that you can reach easily by using the zipline. There are some secret tunnels underneath that are filled with some amazing loot and gear. If you’re looking for a place where you can get some instant action along with top-tier loot, then there isn’t a better place than The Broken Coast.

Offshore Rig

The second place we would like to mention is the Offshore Rig. Just like The Broken Coast, this one is also a brand new location. It is right next to Relay, Swamps, and another new location called Capacitor. This means that once you have successfully cleared the Offshore Rig, you can instantly rush towards three other popular areas.

As the Offshore Rig is yet another place that offers high-tier loot, you won’t drop alone here. Another reason why this place is swarming with enemies is the fact that players are always trying to explore new locations during the first few weeks of a new season.

Reclaimed Forest

The third and final drop point that we’ll suggest is Reclaimed Forest. Most of you will be familiar with this location considering it was previously known as “Shattered Forest.” It has always remained one of the most popular drop points in Kings Canyon, mainly because of the type of challenges and loot it offers. The biggest change introduced to this area in season 5 is the entrance to the Singh Labs. Other than a few more changes, you won’t notice any differences. Despite this, you can still get your hands on some top loot here. However, make sure you’re ready to face off against opponents right after landing.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players were hoping to see a new map in season 5, but that didn’t happen. Instead, we got to see a new version of Kings Canyon, something that’ll do the job for the time being. However, Respawn recently posted a job listing through which it has been confirmed that they are soon going to work on a new map. If this is the case, then season 6 is going to be even bigger than the current one.

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