Apex Legends: Octane Will Finally Get Buffed Soon

 Apex Legends: Octane Will Finally Get Buffed Soon

Octane has always been one of the top characters in Apex Legends. For those who don’t know, this adrenaline junkie was added to the game through season 1. Since his addition, developer Respawn has introduced various changes to him to make him more playable. However, there have been many complaints from players regarding his current state.

The most interesting thing about Octane is that he has remained a popular pick in Apex Legends even during his worst times. But the thing which has annoyed many players is that compared to other top legends, Octane’s current state is not that great. This is why the community has always requested Respawn to introduce some buffs for him. Previously, the developers claimed that they had no plans whatsoever for the speed devil. However, their plans have changed as they are now finally going to introduce some new buffs for him.

Apex Legends Dev Confirms Buffs for Octane

The recent EA Play event revealed a lot of things coming to Apex Legends in the coming weeks. However, while Respawn announced different changes coming to the game including Lifeline’s ability reword, Octane fans felt disappointed after not seeing anything for their favorite character. This sparked disappointment in the community as they were once again left with no hope. However, in a Reddit discussion on June 18, one of the game’s devs Daniel Klein saved the day by claiming that they have some plans for Octane in one of the upcoming updates.

Klein claimed that they have been working on buffs for Octane that will most likely arrive in one of the future updates. He even went on to add that if the first set of buffs fails to improve Octane’s current state, then more buffs will follow. This has assured fans that Respawn will do everything they can this time to finally fix Octane.

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Klein also confirmed that they are aware of everything wrong with Octane. The designer mentioned that Octane has remained in a weird spot as his pick rate was among the highest, but his win rate was extremely low. Therefore, their main goal is to bring a balance to this through the upcoming buffs. Klein in another comment mentioned that he won’t be going into specifics like when and what will come. This basically means that Octane mains will have to wait a little more. Respawn is currently busy preparing for the upcoming Collection Event which is all set to introduce new content to the game, including Mobile Respawn Beacons.

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