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Apex Legends New Map Is Possibly On Way

Apex Legends players are currently enjoying season 5 of the game which introduced a lot of new content. From the new legend Loba to different map changes, players got to see it all. However, although season 5 has been a success for Respawn so far, there are some players who were disappointed with it. This is mainly because they were hoping to see a brand new map instead of some map changes.

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Rumors and speculations regarding a new map surfaced before the launch of season 5. However, these rumors were put to an end after Respawn officially confirmed that they have no plans for a new map. The developers instead introduced big changes to Kings Canyon and gave it a whole new look. However, it now seems that a new map for Apex Legends is possibly on way.

Apex Legends New Map Possibility

Recently, on May 19, a new Respawn job listing surfaced for an “experienced level designer.” For those who don’t know, Respawn recently opened up a new office in Vancouver that will focus only on Apex Legends. This new studio further confirms that the developers have big plans for their battle royale game. The new job listing is for this office and it requires someone who can “create and own large scale multiplayer maps.”

Considering Respawn is always looking for ways to enhance the gameplay experience of players, they want the candidate to have a “champion to gameplay first mentality.” The person must be able to find ways to improve the experience through different map designs. At the moment, the listing is still live, meaning that Respawn is still trying to find the right person for the job. However, once that happens, then they’ll most likely work on the new map at full-speed so that they can create it before the next season.

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Apex Legends players have only enjoyed two maps since the game’s release in February 2019. The launch map was Kings Canyon, while a new map called World’s Edge was introduced with season 3. There was a time when Kings Canyon was replaced by the new map, but players can now enjoy both of them. At the moment, we currently don’t know exactly how the new map will look and which planet Respawn will move on to next. However, we can expect some new leaks to come to the surface in the coming weeks as data miners are always busy searching for new information.

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