Warzone – Features We’d Like To See In The Future

 Warzone – Features We’d Like To See In The Future

Warzone has managed to create a name for itself in the battle royale industry. The game attracted more than 50 million players within its first month, something which is huge for a new battle royale game. Because of this reason, Infinity Ward has also been hard at work trying to keep their game playable for everyone.

Features We Want To See in Warzone

Since’s the game’s release, the developers have introduced a number of updates. Some of them have added new content to the game, while others simply introduced fixes for different issues. Despite this, Infinity Ward has done a remarkable job of continuously updating their game to keep it fresh. However, they will have to continue doing because players often get bored with battle royale games when they don’t have anything new to do. Today, we’ll be talking about some features that the devs should introduce in the future.

Hardcore Mode

The first thing Infinity Ward should introduce is a Hardcore mode. Warzone’s current mode is fun and all, but it fails to deliver the proper hardcore experience. This is something we have seen in the previous Call of Duty titles in which such modes would remove some luxuries from the match. For instance, the Heads-Up Display was limited, the TTK (time to kill) was decreased, the mini-map would not appear, and so on.


While some players would not prefer to see a shorter TTK, it will make things much more fun for players who want the hardcore experience. There should be a mode where players can’t enter the Gulag after getting killed without any option to buy the teammates back. Infinity Ward can also decrease the spawn rate of powerful loot in the Hardcore mode, and increase the cost of Loadouts and UAV’s. In any case, many players have already discussed such things in the Warzone community, and its time Infinity Ward introduces something like it.

Dark Mode

A few days back, a concept art surfaced which discussed the idea of a night mode in Warzone. Since then, players have been requesting Infinity Ward to add something similar to the game. The game already has a perfect lighting system that can make it go dark.

Other battle royale titles such as PUBG and Apex Legends have already introduced dark modes. What Infinity Ward can do is make players drop in a dimly lit version of Verdansk. As the match progresses, the light keeps on getting dimmer, and eventually gets completely dark. This will encourage players to get their hands on night-vision goggles as soon as they land. The developers can also introduce different scopes that let players see in the dark.

Map Changes

The current map of Warzone is really amazing. There are a handful of locations that allow players to create different combat opportunities. However, since the game’s release, the locations have remained the same, and players are even starting to get bored with them. I mean, no one likes landing at the same hot-drop location again and again.


What Infinity Ward should do is introduce in-game events that can make various map-changes. There are already some teasers regarding the dam leaking, the underground bunkers opening, and these things pretty much confirm that new combat areas might soon become available. However, this will only be confirmed when Infinity Ward talks about it. If they cannot introduce new locations, they can simply make changes to the already existing ones.

Bloodbath Mode

The final thing we’d like to see in Warzone is a mode in which players can engage in a quick and intense battle. For instance, Fortnite has a mode called the Solid Gold in which high-tier loot is available everywhere. Infinity Ward can do the same and introduce a mode in which players can pick up powerful loot from almost everywhere. In addition to this, they can make the circle close down much quicker so that players are in constant engagement.

In any case, these were some ideas that Infinity Ward can consider following as they’ll make the game even more fun. The devs have been constantly listening to the community and have been introducing things based on the feedback. There are many other things that can make Warzone more fun, and we’ll most likely get to see them in the near future.

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