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Newbee Banned by CDA from DOTA 2 Esports in China

There comes a controversial scenario for Chinese DOTA 2 and DOTA 2 Esports, with news of the banning of the Professional organization Newbee. As one of the oldest professional organizations in the scene, this controversial news sparks many different opinions and feelings over match-fixing allegations.

The confirmation comes from Beyond The Summit, where Newbee is hereby banned indefinitely from Chinese Dota 2 Professional Association, CDA-DPL Professional League and all IMBATV & MarsTV events. This is not only a huge blow to the organization, but to the players and the fans, and the DOTA 2 community as a whole. The organization was considered to be one of the top tier teams in the scenario that also won the biggest DOTA 2 Championship of 2014, subsequently holding vast numbers of dedicated fans and viewers. Its is not only these fans that are let down, but rather the other system that surrounded Newbee’s administration and participation.

The Allegations:

The match-fixing scenario comes under coincidental circumstances where Newbee abnormally gave a poor performance against other Chinese Dota 2 teams. These matches were held under the China DOTA 2 Professional League Season 2, and out of 16 matches they played, Newbee only won 2. The majority of the revenue gain from these matches fell under betting scenarios, and there was a hypothetical case where the organization deliberately threw matches for the reason of winning the bets intentionally made against them. The investigation results came forward to be against Newbee, and Tournament organizers instilled the CDA to ban the organization for life. They are now completely cut off from Chinese DOTA 2 Professional Leagues. This is a huge blow to Chinese DOTA 2 and DOTA 2 esports in general.

The roster of players carries the indefinite ban as well. Players Moogy, Aq, Wizard, Waixi & Faith, all now sit with a lifetime ban where they will not be allowed to participate in Chinese DOTA. This also comes as a fatal blow to their esports careers. Faith and Moogy are veterans alongside the other three that themselves sit as highly skilled players for DOTA 2. It, unfortunately, foresees a grim view for their future in esports.

The Ban:

For current updates, the ban sits from the CDA that is different from Valve’s official decision. The CDA cuts ties with Newbee making them completely banned from Chinese DOTA 2 Esports scenario. They have however forwarded the information to Valve for their statement on the matter. If an indefinite ban comes from Valve for the Organization, then Newbee will never take the DOTA 2 esports title under their careers ever again. Valve has yet to react.

This is sure to affect Newbee’s organization and their participation in other esports titles as well. No organization comes forward as successful and legitimate if allegations portray them as unfair that retain unfair modes of work. Match-fixing is a serious issue that shall go on the negatively affect Newbee’s future as an esports organization. It also reflects poorly to the community that never expected such an action from a top-class organization. Everyone is disappointed.

Unfortunate Future:

What the whole roster of players and the Newbee organization face now is the news from Valve. Their whole DOTA 2 Esports scenario holds in the balance whether they will still be allowed to participate in overseas competitions outside of DotaImba TV and BTS. Even if the news remains like the current circumstances, Newbee still shall not be participating in China. Being a Chinese Dota 2 organization, this desolates them already. There has been no comment from Newbee for now. The future, however, unanimously looks grim for the Organization.

The DOTA Pro Circuit already faces stifling blows amidst this pandemic, with The International being postponed to the next year. This comes after a series of cancellations for many DOTA 2 tournaments. The current circumstances put the scenario to an online format that did see success with WePlay!’s successful Charity Event and the Pushka League, and it seemed to give DOTA 2 the recovery it greatly needed. The Chinese scenario was the same, with all the top tier tournaments carrying much anticipation from the Chinese community. Newbee had been a great part of all these matches. This news gives the scene that Newbee could never be seen in another TI ever again.

It all comes down Valve’s official statement.


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