EVO 2020 Online: Situation and Success

 EVO 2020 Online: Situation and Success

It has come to the knowledge of videogame fans across the world, that the biggest and most prestigious event for fighting games has cancelled its live event. What holds to its future is the same online scheme that all other esports have taken, and with it comes a large change as well. Considering all the options of the current circumstances of the pandemic and health of all individuals involved, what can a person expect now from EVO 2020?

EVO 2020 by no means comes as a single target for live cancellation with options for online play. Many other events including the GDC, E3 and more cancelled for this year. This was alongside all other esports. The cancellation news for EVO 2020 came via this top message from the EVO Team on Twitter, with prospects dictating it shall now commence online in the summer. In practical aspects, this will have a diverse effect on the players, the spectators and the whole Evo community in general.

The Players:

A core part of the scene of EVO is players coming to the stage live in front of thousands to battle out for the top title. The online scheme would maybe give players a different feeling of the whole competitive scene now that they would be looking at isolated gameplay matches. This would be a benefit to a few, but the top players coming in Evo had a knack of turning the atmosphere of the biggest fighting tournament to their favour. There would certainly be the highest level competition with the crowd right beside the players to cheer them on. What the online scheme would supposedly do now, is give a sense of moderation or bleakness to the event. There will certainly not be the same EVO stage in front of the whole world to crown the champion. Rather it will all be a passive moment.

The players themselves would find this as a disappointing approach just as fans who would look to EVO to really be the biggest event for fighting games. The Online scheme would not give the event or the players its dues to be that way.

The Spectators:

As there will be no live event, there shall be no live spectators. There shall be the normal streams that would look to get all global fans, however, it would rather give a less productive outcome for the whole event now. Live spectatorship normally comes as the primary revenue collector for almost all events. There is no news of where the matches shall stream nor official dates one when they will stream. This would look to damage to the reputable event this year.

It goes into the EVO Team how they come up with a successful event this year regardless of the online play. There has been success in previous events, although not as big as EVO 2020, but it would look to teach the team about how to gain the highest number of spectators. For the fans, they’ll only want the highest tier tournament that they’ve been looking forward to this year.

The EVO 2020 preparations continued amidst the pandemic circumstances for the chance that they would change for the better. However, it looks to be different now. All-in-all, fans should remain hopeful this year for a successful EVO 2020 as the organizers would try their best to make it so.