eSports and its synergy with Bitcoin SV blockchain technology continues to grow


Within the last few weeks the meeting of minds between eSports and blockchain technology have found a mutually beneficial path. Blockchain eSports operator Kronoverse uses the Bitcoin SV chain for three main reasons; it is the only blockchain that can scale to handle huge amounts of data; rewards can be given to players via micro-transactions and; the nature of its immutable ledger makes cheating impossible.

This drew the attention of eSports behemoth ESL. Kronoverse recently announced a partnership with ESL to develop and scale Kronoverse’s upcoming CryptoFights game and the entire Kronoverse gaming platform.

“ESL knows what it takes to succeed in the ever-growing eSports industry as the oldest and most successful eSports company in the world,” says Adam Kling, CEO and founder of Kronoverse. “We’re confident our partnership with ESL will enable us to fully develop the Kronoverse platform. This includes everything from attracting more indie game developers to solving problems in competitive gaming such as cheating.”

ESL will serve as a strategic partner and facilitator in Kronoverse’s growth. Kronoverse was created by Kling when he recognized the power of the blockchain and how it can be used in gaming to solve problems in the gaming industry. Kronoverse seeks to elevate the eSports industry through native cash tournaments, better game integrity, true item ownership, more game choices, and transparent network analytics.

Additionally, Kronoverse also announced its membership with ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) as part of Kronoverse’s focus on greater gaming integrity within the eSports industry.

Skinbay is also onboarding Bitcoin SV as part of its growing ambitions to secure a larger part of the game skins market.

German-based are also on-boarding Bitcoin SV. If you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Rust, Team Fortress or Z1 Battle Royale and want to trade skins, then you can now do so in Bitcoin SV. If you’re used to gaming and trading in Bitcoin SV, then you’ll know how easy and secure it is, but with Over 21,000 followers on Twitter alone, Skinbay are more popular than ever with their comprehensive website, saving players a nice percentage on the cost of skins compared to Steam.

So it seems that the marriage between BSV and eSports is set to further flourish with both standing to gain from future collaboration. is supported by its audience; To this effect, sometimes we publish content that we feel is of interest to our readers which we may get direct remuneration for as a result. This article is one such example.