DOTA 2 The International: Postponing and Full Effect

 DOTA 2 The International: Postponing and Full Effect

It did not procure many surprises after each and every live esports event got cancelled one after the other due to pandemic circumstances. It started with the first few events of March, and since then, many major events like the GDC, E3, and many more got cancelled. The stigma of this recurring effect continued in the coming months. The International is the face of the largest esports event for DOTA 2. It comes with the largest prize pool in esports history that continuously breaks itself year after year. Now it faces postponing just like all other large events with more than a hundred thousand participating individuals.

The news officially released on DOTA 2’s main blog page. The COVID-19 Pandemic makes the event unable to commence on its decision time. Many circumstances made this a reality, starting from how the success of the biggest esports event suffices on multiple aspects. Participants, spectators, healthcare, accommodation, administration and many more give the green light to commence a prospective of a successful esports event. This suffices even more now as to how the TI looks to carry the highest standard of esports. This arrays even more macro-management and decision making by the officials. Looking at all these aspects, it simply was not in favour of The International to resume this year.

Here is what the official release statement reads:

“After extensive consideration of the global health emergency stemming from COVID-19, we have made the difficult choice to delay The International. We have been exploring various date possibilities, but it is likely that the event will need to happen in 2021.”

Early outlooks

The New Date:

Thus, the new given time frame to The International 2020 or TI10 looks to be ambiguous for now. Disappointment isn’t favourable, albeit massive and understandable in this instance. However, this does peak towards the actual commencement of the event rather than full cancellation. The International procures to be the biggest event for DOTA 2 fans and esports fans in general. Its growth seemed imminent towards larger point after each recurring yearly event. This year seemed no different. However, a global pandemic was not expected either.

Fans can only hope for now that there comes a commendable opening for The International to commence and run. The official statement states it to be very likely that this year is out of the picture, however, the next year shall look to hold TI10:

“Given the highly volatile landscape for local gathering restrictions, virus trajectory, and global travel policies, we don’t expect to have enough confidence to communicate firm dates in the near future. In the meantime, we are working on restructuring the DPC season for the fall, and will be providing more information as soon as we have it.”

The Dota Pro Circuit:

Furthermore, now, this news changes many things. The Road to TI shakes up. With the Dota Pro Circuit that gave players and teams the chance to compete in the biggest DOTA 2 event in shambles towards its finality, will see a complete restructure. The Regional Leagues, the circuit change that gave a more practical and fair trial towards TI, looks to get changes following this. It would look to commend and rectify the hard work of all accomplishing teams. However, Valve has only commented that they will look towards the Fall’s DPC season, which is to come, rather than the foregone Circuit. Only future shall tell what holds for the DPC and the full esports scene for DOTA 2.

The Battlepass and TI’s Prizepool:

The most requested update from the fans that give the green light to the actual TI is the Battlepass. It is the ingame purchase that gives TI it’s largest ever prize pool of esports. Its introduction portrays an incoming scenario of DOTA 2’s biggest and most competitive esports event. All this comes into the hands of the fans and the buyers that make it so that The International grows year after year. The changes aforementioned give news that the Battlepass will be released. However, it will come after a few weeks of delay from its normal release window.

“The 10th International prize pool will be funded by 25% of sales of the next Battle Pass, which we are planning to release soon instead of closer to the event itself. However, with our team working from home and things taking longer to complete, the release date of the Battle Pass will be at least a couple of weeks later than usual.”

Thus, fans are looking at a horrendous wait this year. Although the Battlepass shall look to release earlier in comparison to the timeframe from its release to the commencement of TI, it does make fans mad. In hopeful thoughts, these delays would not look to affect the actual esports scenario or its growth that seemed to come year after year. That is the actual hope that comes from the Devs at Valve and from its full fanbase.

They can only hope for the best, and bear a bit longer.