Warzone Players Find Ways To Avoid Gas Mask Issue

 Warzone Players Find Ways To Avoid Gas Mask Issue

Warzone players have complained about a lot of issues since its release. Although the game has managed to perform really well by attracting more than 50 million players in only a month, it has had its fair share of issues. The developers have tried to solve as many of them as they could, but they are unable to put an end to all of them. And recently, players have been complaining about the annoying Gas Mask animation issues.

Warzone Gas Mask Animation Issue

Gas Masks are something that can protect you from the circle. However, their animation is quite frustrating. This is because you can get killed within a second while putting on the Gas Mask. Whenever you enter or exit the circle, there is a brief animation. The worst part is that the game automatically puts your weapons away during the animation, something which prevents you from firing while putting on the Gas Mask. But now, players have managed to discover two ways through which you can avoid this animation.

First Method

The first way to avoid the annoying Gas Mask animation is by using Akimbo weapons. According to Reddit user Six3sixkawai, you will just need a custom class with an Akimbo loadout. For those who don’t know, there are a lot of weapons in the game that can be linked to the Akimbo perk. This perk basically lets you equip a weapon in both hands, thus preventing you from aiming down the sights. However, since both of your hands will be busy carrying weapons, the game will put on the Gas Mask on you without any animation.

Second Method

The second method involves the Heartbeat Sensor and it was revealed by Reddit user RoninMk7. This gadget can be found in Verdansk, and it lets you know the location of nearby enemies. Surprisingly, if equipped, the Heartbeat Sensor will also skill the Gask Mask animation. If you have this gadget in your hand while going in or out of the circle, the game will automatically put the Gask Mask on your character’s face without any kind of animation. The best part is that you will also get to see the location of your nearby opponents during this time.

These were some methods through which you can avoid the Gas Mask animation in Warzone. At the moment, Infinity Ward is yet to talk about whether they are going to do something about this issue or not. But considering the number of players complaining about it, something will happen soon.

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