Warzone: Ninja Extremely Disappointed Because of Cheaters

 Warzone: Ninja Extremely Disappointed Because of Cheaters

Infinity Ward’s latest addition to the battle royale genre, Warzone is currently topping the charts everywhere. The game managed to attract the attention of 30 million players within its first three weeks. Because of this very reason, the developers have been constantly updating and improving their game. These updates have either added new content or have fixed different issues. However, Infinity Ward has still failed to control cheaters in the game.

Warzone and Cheaters

Cheaters have remained in Warzone since day 1. Many players weren’t bothered about them at the start as they though the devs will do something about them soon. However, the issue is still the same. The worst thing is that these cheaters are even affecting the Warzone Wednesdays. Recently, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins took part in Week 3 of Warzone Wednesday and even won the event. However, his experience during the tournament was ruing by cheaters.

Ninja took part in the Warzone Wednesday Week 3 with JoshOG and Diegosaurs. The trio played really well throughout the tournament and managed to take home the first prize. However, their victory wasn’t easy because the trio became a victim of hackers during the early stages of the tournament. Ninja claimed that out of the five games they played, he and his teammates died by the hand of hackers in three games. He even added that he had to plug a controller in so that he can get a console lobby.

Ninja’s Second Experience With Hackers

The thing which further annoyed Ninja was that he continued becoming a victim of hackers even after the tournament concluded. He tweeted that he was killed by hackers during 7 of the 8 solo games he played after the tournament. A player even chased him across the map after he won a gulag and eliminated him. While some thought that Ninja was just hating on the game, he was quick to mention that “I wouldn’t be tweeting so much about it if I didn’t love the game so much.”

Ninja isn’t the first prominent figure from the esports community to talk about the issue of hackers in Warzone. 100 Thieves’ owner Nadeshot also recently asked Infinity Ward to do something about cheaters in the game. He mentioned that if something is not done, then the game will die-out soon.

Infinity Ward recently updated their fans regarding how they are handling cheaters in the game. They mentioned a list of things they are doing to prevent such issues. However, they need to improve whatever they are doing as things are getting out of control.

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