Warzone: Nadeshot Wants Infinity Ward To Do Something About Hacking

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Just like other multiplayer games, Warzone is also a victim of hackers. Many players who are against playing by the rules are using different cheating software to perform better than others. While this issue is seen in other games too, Warzone seems to be a step ahead of them. This is mainly because the game is relatively new and the devs cannot put an end to this issue so quickly. And now, even a popular figure from the esports industry has requested Infinity Ward to do something about hacking in Warzone.

Cheating in Warzone

Recently, 100 Thieves’ owner Nadeshot, along with Courage and TimeTheTatman, decided to play a match in Warzone. They randomly dropped into a hot-zone and were expecting instant gunfights. However, they were eliminated within seconds via headshots and wall-bangs. Nadeshot was quick to realize that they became a victim to hackers. This is because something like this just isn’t possible without the help of some software.

Right after this happened, Nadeshot didn’t waste any time to criticize the developers for the way they’re handling cheaters. He claimed that he cannot believe someone can launch a game without a proper anti-cheat system. He even expressed his disappointment at Infinity Ward for having a security team to manually review hackers.

Nadeshot Isn’t Impressed

On March 31, Infinity Ward made a blog post in which they talked about how they are tackling cheaters in Warzone. The devs claimed that since the game’s release, they have banned over 50,000 players who went against the rules. In addition to this, Infinity Ward added that they are doing everything in their power to prevent such players from playing. For this purpose, they have a security team that monitors such issues 24/7.

However, even tho Infinity Ward is taking various steps to tackle this issue, Nadeshot isn’t impressed by it. He is kind of right considering Call of Duty is a big franchise and they should come up with better ways to deal with hackers. Nadeshot added that the game will even “die out” if hackers continue to ruin the game.

In the blog post, Infinity Ward did mention that they are working on improving their in-game system for better reporting. However, they still need to work on a good anti-cheat software so they can overcome this issue soon. An anti-cheat software will help the developers with automatically banning players who use cheating software. Players can also expect to see new modes soon.