Warzone: Devs Have Decided To Remove Armored Trucks From Solos

 Warzone: Devs Have Decided To Remove Armored Trucks From Solos

Warzone is the latest entry in the battle royale genre. Released in the previous month, the game is currently being played by more than 50 million players. This is something huge because some battle royale games have failed to grow this big in even a year, except for Fortnite and Apex Legends. To keep players attached to the game, Infinity Ward has been carefully analyzing the feedback to improve Warzone as much as they can. And just recently, they have decided to once again listen to their players as they have removed something big something from the game.


Since Warzone’s debut, players have complained about various things. From cheaters to bugs, the community has reported everything. However, one big issue that resided in the game was the powerful vehicle-heavy meta. Players had been complaining about armored trucks for a long time, but the devs didn’t do anything about this. This issue started becoming big when the Solos playlist was added. Solo players claimed that they had to rely on RPGs and C4 just to make it through the final zone as they had to face off against armored trucks.

Armored Trucks Removed From Warzone

Now, the developers have finally decided to address this issue. After the major April 14 update that added some new features to the game including Solos, the devs released another small update to remove the armored trucks from the battle royale. However, while some players will be glad after hearing this news, others will be disappointed. This is because the powerful trucks have only been plucked from the Solos mode. While talking about this decision, the Creative Director of Raven Software, Armos Hodge mentioned that the vehicle meta will “hopefully” tone down a bit.

The devs nowhere mentioned whether they will be removing these trucks from other playlists too. They only mentioned the Solos playlist. We can expect them to address this issue in other playlists too considering the weight of this issue. Infinity Ward instantly released a hotfix even though the had introduced a major update a few hours back. On the bright side, Solo players will not have to worry about ATVs, SUVs, and Tactical Rovers preventing them from making into the final circle.

The developers are also trying their best to overcome the issue of cheaters in the game. It was recently discovered that such players have discovered a new way to get easy kills. While the devs are trying out different methods to ban them, they need to come up with better ones.

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