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Warzone Devs Come Up With New Ways To Deal With Cheaters

Warzone is currently one of the most played games in the world. The game was released around a month ago and it has already been downloaded by more than 50 million players. Its no surprise that Infinity Ward is doing everything in its power to keep players satisfied with the game. One wrong move can ruin all the hype that was built after a lot of hard work. And now, after hearing many complains about cheaters, Infinity Ward has finally decided to come up with new ways to tackle them.

Warzone Cheaters

Hackers have been swarming in Warzone since the game was released on March 10. At first, not a lot of players were bothered by them as there were only a few of them. However, in only a few weeks, almost every other Warzone player is getting killed by a cheater. The worst part is that these cheaters are also ruining official tournaments, something which is not appreciated by the prominent figures in the esports industry. Many pro players including Nadeshot and Ninja have also requested Infinity Ward to do something about this issue soon. This is because they think this will cause the game to die out.

New Ways To Combat Cheaters

Recently, Infinity Ward decided to give players an update regarding how they are planning to combat cheaters in Warzone. Previously, they were using some methods, but those just weren’t enough. Now, the devs have confirmed that players in both Warzone and Modern Warfare will receive an in-game confirmation when a player they reported gets banned. This will assure players that their reports do make a difference.

The developers have also decided to deploy additional dedicated security updates. In addition to this, suspected cheaters will put in a lobby against other cheaters. This way, there will only be a few suspected cheaters in regular lobbies. In addition to this, Infinity Ward has increased resources against backend tech, studio, and enforcement teams.

Kill-Cam Feature

Aside from all this, there will be another feature that will make its way to the game in the future. This feature will allow players to report suspected players directly from kill-cams and while spectating. This means that if you were killed in an odd way and you think the player is cheating, then you will be able to report them during the kill-cam footage.

These were some measures the developers are going to take to overcome the issue of cheaters in Warzone. Let’s hope that they work considering a lot of players are unable to play their game properly because of them.

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