Warzone: Cheaters Find Another Way To Get Easy Kills

 Warzone: Cheaters Find Another Way To Get Easy Kills

Warzone is currently getting a lot of attention from all over the world. The game’s launch was a success as it attracted more than 30 million players within its first three weeks. Because of all the hype their game is getting, Infinity Ward is working day and night to keep Warzone up and running for everyone. They have introduced various new things in it through different updates, and have even fixed a lot of issues in it. But they still haven’t been able to overcome the problem of cheaters.

Cheaters are something found in a lot of multiplayer games. In Warzone, players have been reporting getting killed by cheaters since it was released. These cheaters are mainly using aim bot to make sure all of their bullets land on the targets. But now, it seems like they have discovered another way to get some easy kills.

Warzone New Wall Glitch

Some players on Reddit have been recently reporting that cheaters have found a way to get inside the walls of the building and eliminate players from there. This has been seen in the Gardar building which is located in the City of Verdansk’s Port. Cheaters have basically discovered a new exploit in this two-story building that is allowing them to make their way inside its walls. The worst thing is that players don’t even know where the shots are coming from, meaning that they have zero chance of countering the attack.

A user on Reddit who goes by the name Cheeky-Bean posted a short clip in which it can be seen how deadly this new exploit is. he and his teammates entered the building, only to get gunned down instantly. The user claimed that it felt like the fire was coming from a turret mounted onto the ceiling. Through the kill-cam, they were able to confirm that they were killed by cheaters who were hiding inside the walls of the building.

In reply to this clip, a user claimed that they are abusing glitches to make this work. In addition to this, he also mentioned that now that they’ve figured out how to glitch into one or two places, they will most likely try this out in other places too. At the moment, Infinity Ward is yet to confirm whether they are aware of this issue or not. But considering the amount of attention the post is getting, we’ll most likely see a fix for it soon.

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