Virtus Pro win ESL One Los Angeles 2020

 Virtus Pro win ESL One Los Angeles 2020

Virtus Pro are your ESL One Los Angeles Online Champions. Securing the win at the fifth gave after a close and tough match, they finally defeat OG to win the online tournament.

Virtus Pro came with the strongest performance of any team in the whole tournament, a surprising take how their class and skill seemed even higher than usual. They dominated the upper bracket after defeating every single team that came against them. This included the two- time winning champions OG. Although the roster was not the same as when they won DOTA 2 TIs, they still were the team to beat. They themselves put on a strong performance in the upper bracket and only dropped by none other than against Virtus Pro right before the Grand Finals. OG still concluded to win against the underdogs, giving them another chance against the top contenders. The Grand Finals thus began with OG facing of Virtus Pro once more.

The matches lasted for whole five games. Both teams went neck and neck to secure strong wins against each other. The last match specifically, heated up as both sides gave it all they could. Both teams were not giving either team any room to breathe. Teamfights were so intense that the match did not seem to go in any side’s favour. Networth and kills jumped from one side to another constantly. After the game reached the late game, Virtus Pro once again seemed to get the upper hand against OG. Thus, they beat the team and secured them a win in the tournament, and a big second win against the current TI Champions.

Conclusively, during the full scene, Resolution came to be a grand prospect for Virtus Pro’s team, who put on a beastly performance in the opening match. Overall, the full roster of Virtus Pro was playing out of their heads. Thus, they credited the much-deserved win.

Thus the latest DOTA 2 tournament ends; with Virtus Pro coming forward now as the team to look at for the future. There is not any specific news on where the Road to TI for DOTA 2 is currently during this pandemic. However, all events currently use the online format and all professional esports organizations are actively taking part in it all. Moreover, future news will surely come soon from Valve regarding what holds for their biggest yearly tournament.

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