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Valorant: xQc Talks About How It Is More Difficult Than Overwatch

Riot Game’s latest FPS title, Valorant is currently in its closed-beta stage. It started on April 7 and almost every popular streamer is enjoying the game. Even though the game is in its beta stage, it is still receiving more than attention than some old games. Recently, xQc has been playing Valorant a lot and has even stopped focusing on other games so he can become better in it. During one of his streams, he talked about how the game is different and more difficult than Overwatch.

xQc Compares Valorant With Overwatch

Valorant offers a great challenge to its players. They have to learn a lot before they can start winning some matches. This is primarily because of Agents. For those who don’t know, these Agents are the in-game characters, and each one has its own special abilities. These abilities can be either used to take down an opponent or to get out of critical situations. xQc, on the other hand, has managed to get a grasp of the game quickly. This isn’t surprising considering he always dominates every game he plays. Recently, during one of his streams, the streamer confirmed that the is really impressed with the game.


xQc claimed that Valorant is super hardcore. He went on to explain that players have to learn all the basic and hardcore concepts of Counter-Strike. This is because if they don’t master any of them, then they will most likely get crushed in Valorant. There are many things that are common between Valorant and CS:GO, such as mechanics. In addition to this, Riot’s FPS also features a similar buy system that allows players to buy a set of weapons at the start of every match. This is why if someone plays well in CS:GO, then he won’t have a difficult time in Valorant.

While comparing Valorant to Overwatch, xQc claimed that the game is more hardcore. In Overwatch, players can perform well without mastering the basic stuff such as pushing, weapon swapping, movement, etc. However, this is not the case with Valorant. The streamer confirmed that “you will fail 100%” if you don’t learn and understand the proper mechanics of FPS games.


In any case, Valorant is currently going strong. Many fans are currently waiting for the full release so they too can enjoy Riot’s newest game. At the moment, we currently don’t know exactly when it will arrive. Riot Games is yet to officially announce the release date, but it will most likely become available in the coming summer.

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