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Valorant: Top Four Weapons To Use

Riot Game has done a remarkable job with its latest FPS title, Valorant. Although the game is currently in its closed-beta stage, it has still managed to become one of the hottest topics in the gaming industry. Currently expected to release in Summer 2020, Riot first revealed it as “Project A” back in October. Now that the game has entered the closed-beta stage, players are wondering what it has to offer. While there is a new concept of Agents in the game, the main way to take down opponents is still by using weapons. Today, we are going to talk about the top four weapons in Valorant.

Top Four Weapons in Valorant



Vandal is easily one of the best weapons in the game. It belongs to the Rifle class and can be purchased for 2900 credits in the game. It has a fire rate of 9.5 rounds per second. Vandal also has an alternate mode that offers a scope but drops the fire rate down to 8.32 rounds per second. What most players love about this weapon is that its damage doesn’t drop with distance. This means that whether you are close or far, you will deal the same amount of damage with this weapon. Each bullet of Vandal deals 39 body damage and 156 head damage.



If you’re looking for the best shotgun in Valorant, then Judge is the one you should go with. It can be purchased for 1500 credits and offers a magazine size of seven bullets. Its fire rate is 3.5 rounds per second, which is pretty good for a shotgun. The only downside about this weapon is that it has more recoil than the other shotgun available in the game. Still, Judge will become your best friend if you’re a fan of closed-range combat. Every bullet fires a few pellets, and every pellet deals 17 body damage and 34 head damage.



Ares belongs to the heavy class and can be purchased for 1700 credits. The reason why we’re mentioning this one on our list instead of the other one is the price. Ares can pretty much do the same job as the other heavy weapon and can help you hold down a point easily. It has a magazine that can store 50 bullets and offers a fire rate of 13 rounds per second. The best thing about Ares is that it offers high-wall penetration. You can get 30 body damage and 72 head damage with every bullet fired from this weapon.



The fourth and final weapon we’ll mention is the Operator. This weapon is considered as the deadliest weapon in Valorant. In addition to this, it’s also the most expensive one. Belonging to the Sniper class, the Operator has a price tag of 4500 credits. It’s magazine stores 5 bullets and can help you take down an opponent in one shot from far away. It offers 150 damage to the body and a whopping 255 damage to the head.

These were some of the best weapons currently available in Valorant. We’ll make sure to update this list once Riot adds more weapons.

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