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Valorant: Tips To Become A Pro Player

Valorant is currently the hottest topic in the esports industry. Even though it is currently in its closed-beta stage, it is still getting the same amount of attention as a fully released game. Valorant is currently expected to become available in Summer 2020, but a lot of players are still currently enjoying the game. If you’re someone who is currently taking a part in the closed-beta but are struggling to perform better, then here are some tips that can help you out.

Valorant Tips To Become A Better Player

Choose The Right Valorant Agent

The first thing you need to do is choose the right Agent. While Valorant might have a lot of similarities to CS:GO and Overwatch, Agents are something that makes it different. These Agents are the playable characters and they all have different abilities. These abilities can prove to be quite useful during combat, and can even help you escape critical situations. Therefore, you will have to carefully choose the right agent. The best way to do is by playing with all of them and seeing which abilities you prefer the most.


Practice Your Aim

The second thing you need to do is practice your aim. This is something really important as the game is all about landing bullets in the right place. The best way to improve your aim is by training in the shooting range. Riot Games has done a remarkable job by introducing this as it allows you to test every weapon.

Make Less Noise

What most players don’t know is that sounds matter a lot in Valorant. You can even end up giving away your location if you make a lot of noise. In fact, some Agents also create a lot of noise while using their abilities. Therefore, you have to make sure you stay as quiet as possible, especially around different corners.


Communication is the key to winning in almost every multiplayer game. Without it, you just cannot play properly. Therefore, make sure that you properly communicate with your teammates. Even if no one is speaking, keep on making callouts. This will help with keeping your team motivated.



Remember that without practice, you will not get anywhere. An important thing to keep in mind is that you won’t become a pro player overnight. You will have to spend a lot of days in order to become a better player. It doesn’t matter if you lose, you just have to keep on learning from your mistakes.

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