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Valorant: Tfue Talks About Why It Won’t Cross CS:GO

Riot Game’s first-person shooter title, Valorant has finally entered its Closed Beta stage. It started on April 7 and almost every player who received an invite has jumped into it. Prior to this, Riot invited several professional players from the esports community to test the game out on March 27th. They were even allowed to post their first gameplay videos on their respective Twitch channels a few days after the test. While the game is receiving a lot of attention from all over the world, one top streamer thinks that the game won’t manage to cross CS:GO.

Tfue Talks About Valorant

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney is regarded as one of the top streamers in the world. That latter has a huge fan following as he has millions of followers on Twitch. He is mostly known for playing Fortnite but sometimes focuses on other games too. Recently, after Valorant entered its Closed Beta stage, many people started comparing it to CS:GO. This is mainly because its mechanics are almost the same as CS:GO’s. However, there are still some things different about it, such as Agents who have unique abilities. But Tfue thinks that the game will never become as big as CS:GO.


While talking about the two games, Tfue claimed that Valorant is like a casual version of CS:GO. He went on to add that if anyone wants to die by “air-strikes,” then he should play Valorant. But if someone wants to play a game that takes true skills, then he should play CS:GO. This is kind of true considering players always have to rely on their own skills in CS:GO. They don’t have the luxury to use different abilities like the ultimates in Valorant. CS:GO players have to focus more on their positioning, weapons, and game sense. But in Valorant, they can train with their agents and rely on much more than just weapons.

Few Issues In Valorant

Tfue also claimed that Valorant is good and will do well in the future, but he doesn’t see it getting bigger and more competitive than CS:GO. The game seems fun to him, but it can be frustrating sometimes. The Fortnite pro also highlighted a few issues that he has noticed in the game. “It’s too repetitive, it’s not fun to watch, and I feel like the abilities are not balanced.”


In any case, Valorant is still in its beta stage and we will get to see improvements in the final version. After it gets released and more players jump into it, we’ll get to know whether they like it more than CS:GO or not.

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