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Valorant: Summit1g Thinks Sage Is The Most Overpowered Agent

Valorant is currently in its closed-beta stage, but Riot Games is still adding new stuff to it prior to its launch. The closed-beta went live on April 7, and players have already started comparing it with other games. Right after the beta went live, the developers introduced another character, Raze, to the game’s list of agents. That’s right, Raze started becoming the fan-favorite character soon after her addition. However, she also ended becoming a target of various controversies.


Raze is a really good agent and fun to play with. However, the high amount of damage offered by her abilities is something that has sparked many debates in the Valorant community. Many players have been currently talking about whether she should get nerfed before the final launch or not. Not only this, but even Trevor Romleski, the lead developer of Valorant claimed that they will be doing something about Raze’s meta soon.

Valorant Overpowered Character

Because of all these reasons, popular Twitch streamer Summit1g also called Raze overpowered. He even once claimed that the agent should just get deleted from the game. This clearly meant that he was totally against her addition and that he doesn’t want to see her in the game anymore. But now, it seems like the streamer has a change of heart. He recently claimed that instead of Raze, Sage is the most overpowered character in Valorant.


As per Summit1g, Valorant’s medic character should be nerfed. While talking about this, he mentioned that his view about the most overpowered character is a little bit different now and that Sage is absolutely the number one in the game without a doubt. According to Summit, the reasons that make her overpowered are that she can heal all teammates, can resurrect teammates and bring them back to the game, can build an ice wall that covers great space, and it takes a lot of time to break it.

Is Riot Doing Something About It?

The streamer didn’t even stop here. He went on to add that her Slow Orbs are also a big problem. These orbs basically cover a large area and can even become more deadly when combined with other Agent’s abilities. In any case, Riot Games is yet to talk about whether they are aware of Sage’s meta as well or not. They have confirmed that they will do something about Raze soon, but there is no update about Sage so far. All we can do is wait and see what the developers have in mind for their Agents.

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