Valorant: Most Expensive Weapons Available In The Game

 Valorant: Most Expensive Weapons Available In The Game

Riot Games has introduced the concept of Agents in Valorant. These Agents have different abilities that can be used during combat. Some can heal their teammates, while others can put their opponent in a difficult situation. Despite this, the game’s main way to take down enemies is by using weapons. Riot has done a remarkable job by adding some really amazing ones to their game. Players can buy a set of weapons at the start of every match. The buy system is similar to CS:GO. And today, we are going to talk about some of the most expensive weapons available in Valorant.

Most Expensive Weapons in Valorant

Vandal (2,900 Credits)

Vandal is an assault rifle in Valroant. The thing which players love the most about this weapon is that it offers high damage per bullet and the damage doesn’t fall off at range. However, there are some problems with its accuracy because of its slow fire-rate. But if you’re someone who can handle its accuracy, then the Vandal can help you take down opponents within a few shots. It can be purchased for 2,900 credits, making it the fourth most expensive weapon in Valorant.


Phantom (2,900 Credits)

Phantom is yet another assault rifle on our list. It also comes at the price of 2,900 credits. Some players prefer it over the Vandal because its recoil is much better. In addition to this, it also has the capability of firing more bullets than the Vandal. The thing which players don’t like about it is that it is only effective in short range. Its damage also falls off at longer distances. But if you’re someone who likes to cover short angles and just keep on rushing, then this weapon can become your best friend.

Odin (3,200 Credits)

Odin is a heavy machine gun that can be purchased for 3,200 credits, something which makes it the second most expensive weapon in the game. It is the best gun for aggressive play and has one of the biggest magazine sizes in the game. Odin is an ideal weapon for the time when you want to defend a site. However, you will have to spend some time to learn how to control it.


Operator (4,500) Credits

Finally, we have the Operator. This sniper is the most expensive weapon in Valorant as it has a price tag of 4,500 credits. Not only this, but it is also the most powerful one too. It can take your opponent down in only one shot as its bullets can pierce through even the strongest armors. In any case, the Operator is something that can surely give the enemy team a difficult time.

These were some of the most expensive weapons in Valorant. We’ll make sure to update the list when Riot adds more weapons.

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