Valorant – Best Agents To Choose In The Game

 Valorant – Best Agents To Choose In The Game

If you’re someone who has just started playing Valorant’s closed-beta, then chances are that you are struggling with choosing the right Agent. This is because every Agent has different abilities that can be used during combat. At the moment, there are a handful of Agents for players to choose from. Riot Games will most likely add more of them as we get close to the final release. Today, we are going to talk about some of the best Valorant agents to play with.

Best Valorant Agents


First off, we have Brimstone. The reason behind why he’s one of the best Valorant agents is that he is not that difficult to understand. His abilities are quite simple, and new players can get the hang of them in no time. He has an ability that allows him to land three smoke grenades at the exact location, something which can prove to be really useful during combat. Another ability allows him to fire a Molotov that has a great range. The thing which players love the most about him is his Orbital Strike. This ability can create havoc, but only if you know exactly where your enemy is.



Next up, we have Cypher. If you’re someone who likes to play supportive and defensive at the same time, then this agent is perfect for you. His abilities focus around placing traps that can slow down enemies and gathering information. For those wondering how useful he is, well he can lock down a bomb site single handedly. But remember, make sure to place your traps at unique locations so that your enemies don’t know where they are. Otherwise, they will be able to avoid them easily.


Breach is the agent who is useful for both attracting a site or for defending one. He has flashbangs that can attach to the walls and blind the opposing team. If Breach is on the opposing team, then you won’t be able to counterattack him because of his abilities. However, while using Breach, you have to communicate with your teammates as they might get caught in his abilities.



Finally, we have Sage. This agent is considered as the most-overpowered in Valorant. The thing which makes her stronger than other agents is her ability to revive her teammates. She is the only one who possesses this ability in the entire game. The agent has some other abilities that can prove to be really useful during combat. For instance, she can even build a wall that covers a great area.

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