Valorant April 21 Update: Here’s What’s Changing

 Valorant April 21 Update: Here’s What’s Changing

Riot Games is constantly updating their first FPS title, Valorant. The game has been in its closed-beta stage since April 7, and a lot of players are currently enjoying it. The beta stage is meant to fix all problems in the game that players face before the final release. Since it went live, players have complained about different issues, and Riot has been quick to fix them. Now, the developers have released yet another patch for the game to address some major issues.

Valorant Latest Patch

The latest Valorant patch went live day ago, and it has addressed a lot of big issues. The update has finally nerfed Raze to some extent, something which many players wanted. For those who don’t know, there have been many problems linked to Raze since her addition to the game. In fact, she has remained the most complained agent. But now, the developers have made some slight changes to her that will make her more feasible.

Changes to Raze and Sage

As per the patch notes, Raze can now use only one grenade instead of two. In addition to this, the devs have also made some changes to this ability. Players will now have to get two kills for it to cool down. In the past few days, players were complaining about her secondary cluster of Paint Shells exploding quickly. However, they will now explode after a specific duration. Other than Raze, Sage has also received some changes. Her Slow Orb will now slow the airspeed of players within the zone. Players can also now walk through these Slow Orbs without making any noise.

Map Changes

Riot Games has also made changes to the map through the latest update. In Split, the Orb has been moved from B mid to B main. This has been done to reduce pressure from B mid and encourage players to control B main. Aside from this, many exploits in Bind, Haven, and Split have been fixed.

Other Fixes

The developers have reduced outbound network traffic from the client for players who had high fps. They have fixed a crash issue that was being caused by players’ networks. Cypher’s Spycam can also no longer use weapons, and the issue which was preventing footstep audible range from appearing on the map has been fixed.

There are still some issues present in Valorant, but Riot will most likely address them in the coming days. It is great to see that the developers are working day and night to keep their game playable for everyone.

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