TikTok Cup: TikTok’s entrance to the esports scene

 TikTok Cup: TikTok’s entrance to the esports scene

An intriguing announcement comes from the popular app TikTok regarding college esports. The news holds a big scenario for their entrance to the esports scene. They have announced that they are partnering up with Collegiate Starleague and shall be commencing not one, but multiple online esports tournaments for League Of Legends, Rocket League, CS: GO and Fortnite. This presents a great initiative for college students who are looking to take part in esports in the future.

“TikTok and esports collide in the first-ever TikTok Cup for college gamers! Represent your school in this free $60,000 prize pool event spanning esports tournaments for all your favourite games, a video submission contest, live-stream broadcasts, and giveaways.”

4 titles, 8 Tournaments:

The announcement comes directly from their new official website for the Tourney. There shall be a total of eight individual tournaments, two for each title. Students of any accredited US university or college are encouraged to participate. It is to be noted that all tournaments are team-based, so each college shall look to make their final line of rosters that will be participating in the tournaments.

The same website holds the full registration walkthrough for each separate title and all other info. The scenario is presented in a simple and appropriate manner for all viewers to register which starts today. It will not be a simple competitive low tier scene for fun, rather each title will feature prize pools and much more for participants. Moreover, TikTok looks to start its esports scenario with a professional-grade competition that would amount to a popular online gathering. This will lay prospects of the future for how TikTok can move forward in their new acquired dimension.

“The TikTok Cup consists of eight individual online tournaments. The tournaments are open to students currently enrolled at an accredited university or college in the US. All tournaments are team-based, and teams must be made up wholly of students enrolled at the same school. Tournament schedule and additional eligibility requirements, caps on registration, software, and account requirements differ based on the game title.”

The time:

Registration for the tournaments taking place on May 9 and 10 begins on April 27, 2020, at 9:00 AM ET. Registration for the tournaments taking place on May 16 and 17 begins on May 11, 2020, at 9:00 AM ET or when the preceding tournament for the same game title is full. Prizing for each tournament consists of cash prizes between $875–$5,000 USD.

The Prize:

These are the Prize pool numbers for each title:

Albeit rather low for official tourneys, TikTok is presenting college students and players of all four titles encouragement to register their teams.

For the spectating fans:

Alongside this, fans who are looking forward to spectating the match also have the chance to get special prizes. All title’s two individual tournaments shall be broadcasted and streamed on Twitch at CStarLeague with giveaways and prizes. Everyone will come out a winner in one way or the other.

All these motivate a healthy participating start to TikTok’s first-ever esports scenario. There is plenty of stuff to see and participate in which would look to give a great start to TikTok’s and Collegiate Esports’ collaboration.

And that is not all.

Alongside the tournaments, there comes a video contest as well with approximately 50 prize packs that surmount to $2500 US.

$2500 worth of prize packs are up for grabs in our TikTok Cup video contest.  Here’s how to win:

1. Upload your TikTok. This can be gaming-related, a funny fail, a clutch play, your victory celebration, or anything else you can think of that involves gaming!

2. Tag @CStarleague in your clip and use the hashtag: #TikTokCupContest.

For full rules, click here.

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