Team Esper part ways with Rocket League roster after controversial throw

 Team Esper part ways with Rocket League roster after controversial throw

Team Esper drop their Rocket League roster after a controversial Game 5 against Team Fury. The players Delusion, Frenzyy and SSteve no longer come under Team Esper’s banner.

The match between Team Esper and Fury gave stats to Fury that only needed to stop Esper from clutching a consecutive 3 game win. Team Esper needed to win three matches consecutively with room for only a single loss against Fury if they wanted to move forward on the Season 9 ladder.

Towards the start, it was looking good for Esper as they won the first two wins. Now they only needed one more win to qualify further. However, Fury made a comeback and levelled it 2-2. And now Esper were in the instance that even if they win the fifth game, it would not be of any use other than simple team integrity.

Game five opened with a controversial kickoff goal from Fury. It hinted that Esper really were not playing at their level best. A second defenseless goal further hinted on Team Esper’s players throwing the match. The third goal, made things clear, with a legitimate own goal scenario from the Esper players. They had hit the ball towards their own goal. This concluded the fact that Team Espers’s players had fully given up and were in no mood to put up a fight.

It meant shame for the banner they wore. Team Esper’s organization did not react meekly. Just a few hours after, the whole roster was released.

Team Esper Tweet:

Although there was no clear indication from the post, the previous result and performance gave the clear picture of why it happened. All three players are relieved of their posts at Team Esper. A future roster is still not yet made. However Team Esper stated they will release news soon.

Thus the picture gives the idea of how serious organizations take the performance of players under any circumstances. The last match for team integrity did not mean players would surmount to throwing the game. It means embarrassment for the banner they wear against professionalism in esports. Thus, it gives a moral to all viewers of what goes and what doesn’t in esports.

This gives a negative view of the three players and would certainly affect their future careers in esports, if they still have it. There have been no comments from the players since the news. The future shall hold any if they choose to talk about it.

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