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Shattered Web Ends As Prisma Case Enters The Game

Shattered Web Case

Just this morning Valve released a long-awaited update (03/31/2020) that concluded the Shattered Web operation. According to the developers, players completed a combined number of 136+ million missions during the operation.

The players that participated in the operation will be receiving inscriptions on their Shattered Web coin of their number of completed missions and stars that they collected.

Furthermore CS:GO no longer counts Studio and Breach as official matchmaking maps and have added 2 new maps, Anubis and Chlorine.

Prisma 2 Case

Along with the end of the operation, Valve also released the new Prisma 2 case which includes 17 colorful skins made by the community workshop designers. According to the developers, the new case is based around manga and anime. This can be seen in the picture below.

So far the community favorites are the new Glock-18 Bullet Queen and the M4A1-S Player 2. The Glock skin coming from the creator of the famous AK-47 Empress, AWP Mortis, M4A4 Emporer and MAC-10 Stalker. There are also two new skins from a community favorite designer, Apel. The fever dream being the most notable skin as it was released previously as an AWP skin as well. Apel has been getting a lot of attention lately since the release of his P90 Nostalgia, AWP Containment Breach and of course the M4A1-S Nightmare.

Prisma 2 Skins
Source: Reddit.

Other than weapon skins there are some new horizon knife skins as well in the new Prisma 2 case. While most of the community was very underwhelmed by some of the Horizon knives, the skins are starting to work nicely with them. The talon of course, being the fan-favorite as it resembles the Karambit and manages to look outstanding compared to the rest of the Horizon knives.

Horizon Knives
Source: Reddit.


Eligible players who are VAC-banned will be receiving cross-promotional CS:GO items from The Master Chief Collection and Half life: Alyx. Before this the developers did not care much about VAC banned players or anyone that had their account flagged for cheating but, they focused on this in celebration of the release of Half Life: Alyx.

This concludes the new update and all that it has to offer. We expect a lot of things from the CS:GO developers, as they will most likely be facing a competitor in the market known as Valorant. Although it’s just talk at the moment from the community and we will find out more about it once the game itself releases.

The Shattered Web operation brought the game to a new high after a long time with how refreshing it was. The operator skins being the biggest highlight of the operation. We hope to see more content like this in the future from the CS:GO developers.

Interested in finding out what more might be in store for the future of CS:GO? Check this out: CS:GO – Source Engine 2.

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