Meet Rowdy Rogan, a five-year-old that plays Call of Duty Warzone who recently garnered a lot of popularity.

He became an overnight star, gaining more than a million views after his Instagram account blew up with his recent exploits in Call of Duty Warzone. The incidence meets to one specific video that his account uploaded. Viewers can see him taking out two other players who are much more than his age.

His twitter account currently states him to be the youngest sponsored player for Call of Duty Warzone.

He plays and streams Call of Duty alongside his father, who manages everything. His father does so while letting his son take the game into his own hands. He does manage to prove his worth, as his gameplay is notable for the young player’s skill and game logic. His viewership landed him popularity and prizes.

It was not just the common community that saw Rogan; this also included Faze Clan and other professional organizations that wanted to sponsor the young player. Being the latest celebrity in the Call Of Duty Warzone scene, he truly comes as a comical and a prodigal child.

His future streams will also possibly hold other popular individuals of the game. Professionals such as Faze’s Apex already oversaw one of his streams; showcasing how Rogan has truly become an esports star himself.

The future holds the views on how the player further grows in popularity. His future also furthermore seems now set that he shall be working on his skills further; to be a professional player for Call Of Duty. He already shows prospects at such a young age, which is only to grow as he becomes older.

For all the latest information on Rowdy Rogan, you can check out his official Twitter account. The same account also holds all the moments that caught the eyes of the community.